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looking for input.. random things..

c-section mama's..what did you put on your scar & how soon did you put it on? 

.DH & I are in need of a night to ourselves, we need to get "us" back on track because we've been totally de-railed for a while..we are going to go down the shore for the night ..saturday-sunday (his mom is going to babysit for the night) BUT..this will be the first time my little girl will be out of my sight for more than 2 hours :(  how old was your first born when you left them overnight for the first time? shes 3 months old..i know it has to happen eventually, but im just nervous.  a drink or two or few will be needed on our little romantic night away so i can take my mind off it lol


hmmm i thought i had a few more things i wanted to get out..but i can't remember..o well..if i do ill post them separately 

Re: looking for input.. random things..

  • I haven't been putting anything on my c/s scar. The doc didn't tell me too. I guess I'm not worried about it because I've always been chubby so no one is ever going to see it anyway! LOL

    I haven't left DS for more than 3 hours yet. Tomorrow I'll be going to work for 8 hours, so that will be hard enough for now. It is really important to get that "couples time" though. I'm not ready to leave him overnight yet, but he does go to sleep (only wakes up to feed and then falls right back asleep) around 8pm, so I was thinking of inviting over another couple for a game night just so I can feel like a grownup again!

    Hmmm...that doesn't really help you at all...sorry! Tongue Tied

  • The longest I have left DD is for an hour at the mall with her Grandmother. We also need an overnight "us" time as we have been putting it off since last November when we moved. It's going to be a while before I'm ok with overnights...DH too. He's far more protective of her then I am...I think it would be harder on him. LOL
  • I have been putting melaleuca oil, similar to tea tree oil, on my incision.  It has natural antibiotic properties to it and I was having lits of inflammation at the staple sites and even after the staples were out, then the steri-strips were causing a reaction and making me itch,  The oil helped the itch to go away and also kept scabs from sticking to my undies.  I also figured it couldn't harm the incision, so why not. 

    I haven't even given a thought to leaving DH overnight with anyone yet.  My husband and I are talking about planning a little long weekend get away in October for my birthday, but we were planning on taking DH with us.   

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