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NT/Genetic Testing/US???

I am so confused!

First: What does NT stand for??? I tried looking the the glossary but it wasn't in there.

Second: DH and I decided not to do the genetic testing for a few reasons (1) I don't like how often there is a false positive and re-testing is needed. I don't want to put myself through that. (2) We would keep the baby either way.

But from what I understand from my Dr. we are going to have (at least) 2 u/s. The first one will be next Wed (I will be 11w0d) and one at 19w. Would the first u/s be the "NT" u/s that everyone is talking about or is that something done at a completely different appt that is all about genetic testing?

I have just been a little confused while trying to follow along with other posts and want to understand!!!

 TIA =)

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Re: NT/Genetic Testing/US???

  • NT is nuchal translucency screening. My doctor only does bloodwork, no u/s unless there's high risk. I had a regular u/s at 10w and my next won't be until 20w. I think it depends on your doctor.
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  • NT stand for nuchal translucency.  Explanation here

    The NT scan is usually optional (unless you're high-risk or having multiples - it was optional for me until we found out I'm having twins, then the doc said I needed to schedule it. But we had already decided we were doing it either way).  If you don't want to have it done, you shouldn't have to.

    It sounds like your u/s appointments will be regular ol' ultrasounds. 

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  • NT stands for nuchal translucency. For the NT scan, they do a more detailed ultrasound and measure the folds behind the baby's neck.  Thicker skin behind the neck can be (but not always is) an indicator for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.  There is also blood work that is done.  The results of the u/s and blood work combined will give you your chances of having DS or another chromosomal problem, like 1 in 10,000 or 1 in 7000.

    I would guess that your 11 week u/s is just a dating u/s.  They would not be doing an NT scan without telling you about it specifically because some insurances don't cover it.  Also, if you having had a dating us yet, you don't know for sure whether you are exactly 11 weeks and the NT scan can only be done between 11w and 13w6d. So I think you are just having a dating u/s.

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  • Ahhh...that makes more sense! The NT would be part of the genetic testing then. Thanks so much girls. I was so confused! I feel like I should know a little more than I do. Everyone on here sounds like experts!!! =)

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