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May Mommas - Roll Call

Last I heard, the person who usually posts the May Momma's check-in (Nicole) was in labor.

How are you all feeling?  Any plans for the weekend?  Can't believe it'll be May 1 tomorrow...


Re: May Mommas - Roll Call

  • Feeling good besides the swelling :)

    Soooo excited for the month of May, even  though I'm not due until the end of the month. At least it's almost my LO's EDD month. 

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  • Feeling great!  So wishing my dr. did internals because I'm kind of dying to know, but whatever!  All is still well (so far!). 
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  • i am feeling great and sleeping great (until my dd wakes me up!) .... i will be ready to have baby on sunday (my mom is getting here then!)   until then i just want him to stay put!

  • Happy labor dust to Nicole!!

    Feeling alright -- tired -- and I still have five weeks to go -- but I will make it. :)

    This weekend's plan is to finalize the nursery and rest! I hope I can accomplish that. Oh, and get in the swimming pool (it's heated).

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  • This week thins started to get harder here ... I feel a 100x bigger and heavier and sleeping is impossible...

    But on the good note it is getting so close for us to meet our little girl !!!! I am so excited ! My mom arrives tomorrow and after she is here I will be hoping for our baby girl to come fast!!!


  • thanks for posting a quick check in!  lots of positive thoughts to Nicole for a speedy labor & delivery. 

     feeling great (anxious, but great).  sleeping really well and getting lots done around the house today.  this weekend DH is going to finish tiling the guest bathroom and it would be nice to have a baby...  

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  • I'm feeling excited! I got my c/s scheduled today so LO will be here no later than May 11th! (breech baby)

    Also we get to go out to eat tomorrow for DH's work and it's at one of my favorite restaurants! Hope everyone has a great weekend Big Smile

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  • I'm actually feeling better than I have in a while.  My parents are driving up from TX this weekend to be ready for baby and to watch my dd when that time comes.  I could be induced as early as next week so today is my last day at work - yay!  My plans for the weekend include light cleaning for my parents visit and maybe some park time for my dd if the weather holds up.
  • I am doing pretty well. I can't sleep anymore, though. I am just ready for my LO to finally decide she is ready to meet us. 

    DD#1 is 3! And LO#2 is on his/her way! Due Feb 26th, 2014.


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  • Feeling good and starting to feel ready. DD came at 37 weeks, so I think I am prepping for that, although I know this may go longer. 
    Excited to meet this little one!
  • I'm feeling pretty good.  I think everything is all ready for LO's arrival, so now we're just waiting.  I can't believe May is finally here!

  • Feeling great other than back pain and the calf cramps here and there.  Starting the countdown until LO is here! So Exciting! GL to Nicole!
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  • I finally feel like we're ready for LO so I've at least stopped panicking (for now).  I'm also glad it's May tomorrow.  Not that there was a lot of chance of me going before 40 weeks, but I really didn't want an April baby!  Now my coworkers are just hoping I'm here through next week because they don't have a backup scheduled until after my EDD :)
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  • Happy to have hit full term today! I've had to slow down more this week, but I'm still hanging in there and working. Just hoping I can make it through the school year (taking 1 day at a time). GL and labor dust to Nicole.
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  • Hooray for the last day of April! I am feeling like I use a ton of energy trying to get comfortable so that I can sleep, thus any sleep I get really isn't doing much for me. I'm really looking forward to meeting this little guy soon! My weekend plans are to keep working on getting things ready for his arrival. I went to Target last night for crib sheets and came home with everything but crib sheets, so I still need to make that run. Happy last day of April to all!
  • Feeling pretty good for being the size of a house. I am excited for LO to come but I don't want him to get here until the 8th. I have concert tickets for the 7th and REALLY want to go to that concert, lol!
  • I feel pretty good for the most part.  I'm just terribly uncomfortable all the time!  We don't have any plans for this weekend as I am still on bed rest.  Maybe something will change when I go to the doctor today...

    Good luck to Nicole, I hope all goes well for her!!

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  • Sleeping really good besides the every 2 hour bathroom trips and the excrutiating walk to the bathroom. My pelvis, pubic bone and lower back hurt-baby is engaged so that is probably why. Hopefully she comes out soon! I am due May 2nd!
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  • I'm feeling great, but totally ready meet my little girl:) 
  • I'm feeling pretty good. Having a lot of BH, but they haven't been bad.

    My plan for this weekend is to have the baby. We'll see if he cooperates! 

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  • Cannot believe I am due in 1 week. No signs he is coming anytime soon, closed, thick, still carrying a little high...no BH contractions...nada....I go back to doctor Monday and I work until my due date....sort of wish today was my last day though....sleeping like crap from reflux/heartburn and sheer discomfort. I feel huge. having more trouble breathing than ever lately.
  • I am due soon and feeling good! DH and I are going to be walking a lot this weekend in hopes to get LO on his way. Can't believe he could be here soon!

  • Yeah for Nicole!!!

    I'm feeling good...def. ready for my LO to arrive though.  At my 39 week appt. I was 0 cm.  But everyone is telling me not to get discouraged, cause that doesn't really matter...I could still go into labour at any time!


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  • Starting to swell just a little on my ankles, but my face is pretty swollen or fat, I can't decide.  Moon Face central.  Other than that I feel pretty good still and I am pretty comfortable.   Can't wait to meet baby though!
  • I'm feeling really good. I had a couple of bad days last week but thankfully I'm back to enjoying these last few weeks. I had my first internal yesterday and I'm 50% effaced, no dialiation. My last day of working in office is 5/14, then I will work from home until I deliver. It's all coming together. So happy May is upon us!!
  • I've been contracting irratically for a week now so I haven't been getting much sleep. Other than that, I am feeling pretty good.  I plan on finishing up a few papers that I need to turn in for finals ( I will be done with my BS degree on May 15th!!!!!) and spending time with my Man. 
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  • doing good here but can't wait for her to come.  I'm ready to be done.  I was just thinking that our turn is here now.  Where did the time go?

    as far as plans for the weekend not to much hopefully get the last few things we still need like the crib out of storage, bedding, get the nursery painted (MIL is coming tomorrow to do that I'm a little nervous--well actually not really she is good about what I want and respecting and I also know she will not be offended if I do not like what she has in mind and paint over it.),  

  • I didn't really "feel" like a May mama since my EDD is the 31st, but now I have my induction scheduled for the 24th I know she'll be here in May! I feel pretty good... have some pressure and aches and pains but I'm alright!
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  • YAYYYYYY Nicole! :)

    I'm feeling well, but I am super antsy to meet my little one! I'm dilated to a one...which means nothing I'm sure, but baby is already huge so I just want her already :)

    We are going to UofM for my little sister's graduation this weekend. I'll be three hours away from my Dr so we have the carseat and hospital bags in the car lol. (I know we won't need them but I refuse to be unprepared!) Is it weird that my little sister graduating makes me feel older than having a baby? :) 

    Baby #2 due March 1, 2012

  • Yay for Nicole!

    I am feeling really good. I was miserable weeks 34-37 and I hit week 38 and am feeling so much better. My plans for the weekend...hopefully have a baby! :) I am done with work as well so that is awesome.

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