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clicky poll - what are your work plans

Re: clicky poll - what are your work plans

  • I'm so jealous of all the SAHM's! I'm not sure what will happen yet, but I am really hoping I can stay home most of the time. I doubt it, but I'm hoping!
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  • I am out of here so fast they will see me run out the door as a flash and not know what happened. I can't WAIT to be a SAHM! :)
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  • I'll be working PT and also going to school PT.
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  • I really wish we could afford for me to just work part time/reduced hours.  I'd love to be there when my son got home from school and enjoy the baby more.

    But, unless my DH gets a big (much deserved) raise...I'll be working.  Or we can move to NC to be with his elderly parents, but I'd be away from all of my family :(

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  • image Mrs.Johns:
    I am out of here so fast they will see me run out the door as a flash and not know what happened. I can't WAIT to be a SAHM! :)

    Ditto this!  I keep telling my DH that I'm retiring :)

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  • I was a SAHM for a year with my son then went back for a school year so we could get pregnant again (I'm a teacher.)  I loved being at home and missed it at the start of this year.  It was hard starting up again and leaving LO at home, even though I was leaving him with my mom!
  • i work FT. i simply cannot be a SAHM. it's freaking hard.
  • I'm going back FT.  I love my job and have a great work/life balance.  But, I will probably go PT in a year or so when 2 of the 3 are in elementary school. Fortunately their school gets out late, so if I start my day earlier and leave earlier, I won't be missing much at all. 
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  • I Didnt vote- I will be working outside the house 3 days in and in the house 2 days.
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  • my plan as of right now is to stay at home and also take classes part time to finish up my masters degree.

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  • I will be working full time outside the home but not until LO is over a year old.  I am a law student and I'm taking a semester off after the baby is born and then will be going back to school full time when the baby is about 8 months old.  I will be in school for four months, then studying for the bar for 2 months, and then I will be going to work full time (hopefully - IF I get a law job!)

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  • I *have* to work FT, much rather be SAH though.
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  • I voted SAHM, but it will be H that will be home 4/5 days/week.  I'll work from home the remaining day/week.
  • I already work from home full-time, but am reallllly crossing my fingers that I'll be able to get the raise I want on a contract I'm renewing w/a client next week. If I do, I can afford to work part-time instead next year. Until the LO shows up, though, I'm going workaholic to save up as much as possible, just in case!

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  • I was working up until 2 weeks ago. DH wants me to stay home with our 19 month old now and get him used to being home with me! And plus I am High Risk and DH(god love him) does not want me at my job. :)

    It has been good so far. DS is adjusting to not being at school just fine. So am I!

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  • I wish I could go PT but it would be a very tight budget. I will be working FT. I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts though so I only work 3 day a week (technically barely under full time but it is considered full time nonetheless). DH also works 12 hour shifts so I will be working my schedule around his so we won't have a need for daycare.

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  • It's going to be tricky at first. I'm a nurse who works night shift. Not quite sure how it's going to work out. I think I have a mom and MIL that would be eager to help out though! I long to be a SAHM, but not feasible for the next few years. The good thing about hospital shifts is I only work 3 nights a week!
  • I always feel like the weirdo in these posts because I couldn't wait to get back to work after DS was born. I love him more than anything, but am not cut out to be a SAHM at all.
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  • I voted for working FT but would love love love to be a SAHM.  I'm jealous of all you SAHM's.  Maybe we'll win the lotto.  A girl can dream right?
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