3rd Trimester

***May Momma's Monday Check-In***

Hi ladies! How was your weekend?  Hopefully you had great weather...we have fewer and fewer weekends left until our LO's get here!   


QOTD: Is LO starting to hurt you when he moves around?


Here is our check-in for everyone with a due date in May 2010. If you would like to be added please post your bump name, real name (optional), age (optional), and your EDD (expected delivery date). If we missed you at the last check in please post again.

If anything has changed, like your EDD after an ultrasound, please post an update with your original EDD so you can be easily found on the list.

Check-ins will be Mon, Weds, and Fri mornings.  A link to the Check-in will be posted in the late afternoon/early evenings of Check-in day as a reminder.  Feel free to check-in any time that day.  Give us a general update on your progress and anything else you would like to add.  We will have a question of the day as well. 



3littleladies, (Amy), 32 TEAM PINK

AggieBride2002 (Carolyn)

Ali-blnovos, (Alina), 27 TEAM BLUE

Ashlew22, (Ashley), 21 TEAM BLUE

Bcuzufu, (Brit), 33, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Bets12, (Betsy), 27 TEAM BLUE


Court1, 27


elfsgirl08, (Erin), 29 TEAM PINK

evitawylie TEAM GREEN

Jhroga (Jessica) 27 TEAM PINK

JordanS803 (Jordan) 23, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Kimberly_I (Kimberly) 30

Laurmar21 (Lauren) 25 (BOY) TEAM GREEN


Mrs.SWilson, 24, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

MrsTyler04, TEAM BLUE

Nate&Mel, (Melissa), 27, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Nicole4312, (Nicole), 27 (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

OhioMama2355, 27 TEAM PINK

RockChalkJhawk (Melissa) 35

spout3    (Stacey)  28


Taraleffel, 28, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

TiffanyClark, (Tiffany), 23, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Twinpeaks (Mary Ellen) 32



alicebean (Alice)  25 (BOY) TEAM PINK

Ashlew22, (Ashley), 21

BabyBalogh, (Julia), 19, (GIRL)

Breannek.ot (Breanne) 30

Brewtowngirl 32 TEAM BLUE

CatO,  27

chococherry354 (Ashley)  21

coleaddison2007, (Holly), 29

cutie42031 (Laura)

DonsJMUBride , (Jacqi), 27

erinlynn711, (Erin), 31, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Ivyreb, (Allyn), 31

Jason&Erin082507 (Erin) 27 TEAM PINK

Jess_n_mark (Jessica) 25

JewelsZ (Jewels)  27, (BOY) TEAM BLUE


MichahKarlene, (Karlene), 24, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Mjm123, (Melissa), 30, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

naybride04, (Christina), 29, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Sandybem, (Sandy), 24 TEAM BLUE

Summer510,  26

tanisha_05.24.09 (Tanisha),  25 (BOY) TEAM BLUE


Thestewartsrock, (Heather), 27

VTGal, (Kristen), 29, (GIRL)

willsmumma, (Amy), 28, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Waterwings80, 29


MAY 3  

Addie22, 30

AggieBride2002 (Carolyn)

Bbetson (Brooke)  29

Butterbeansmama, (Beth), 33, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Countrymom11, (Erin), 23, TEAM GREEN

Dschpsy, 33 

Dustinblouin, (Katie), 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

EllaB_04, (Rachael), 29, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Hotpinkprincess82 (Courtney) 27

Janacash, 25 TEAM PINK

K&K-070809-, (Kelsey), 26 TEAM BLUE

Kmswan427, Kelli, 32 TEAM BLUE

mom_E224, (Erica), (BOY) TEAM BLUE

srhoades86 (Sarah) 23

Snoopymom09, (Meredith), 27 (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Snoochie  (Becka)

 sturgeje, (Jessica), 23, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE


MAY 4  

Alyssa102 (Alyssa) 26, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Angilene92 (Angilene) 35

Bakedlaurabean, 27, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Bride2Be615, 25, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Cajun_Tiger (Stacey) 25

*CBK*, (Carrie), 27, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

elmoali   (Allison) 29

jess0726 (Jessica) 29

KellyJoJo (Kelly) 33

maeghan21,  31, TEAM GREEN

Melissa Christensen, 27, TEAM BLUE

Michellejdent (Michelle)  33

Morgan456, 29 (BOY) TEAM GREEN

Mrs.DeHav, (Christina), 26, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Onehautehostess, (Jennifer), 27 TEAM GREEN

Pennylane2241982, (Jillian), 27 TEAM GREEN

saraandles (Sara)

shannon1110 (Shannon)



3*peas*in*a*pod, 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Emmajean85 (Emily) 24

Hshingler (Heather)

Indiana_muse, 32 TEAM PINK

Jazavitz, (Jocelyn), 24 TEAM GREEN

kate3636, (Kate), 27, (BOY)

KellyAnne&Chris, (Kelly), 30, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

konaboomom (Alicia) 26, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Lauryn216 (Lauren)  27

Misma09, (Marlene), 26 (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

MrsPorter, (Karla), 29, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Nicole.Warrick, (Nicole), 30

NewMommy423 (Ashley) 26 TEAM BLUE

Pregnantprincess, TEAM PINK

RaphSandra2005 (Sandra) 28

Soon2BeMrs.S, 26

Vane_gator, (Vanessa), 30, (BOY) TEAM PINK


MAY 6  

Anner804, (Anne), TEAM GREEN

Applebride40 (Sarah) 28

Arpslady, (Amanda), 23 TEAM BLUE

Ashley&Dean (Ashley) 25

ChelseaBell (Chelsea) 26 TEAM BLUE

Header25 (Sarah) 28

J?sLisa, (Lisa), (BOY) TEAM PINK

JustSadie (Sadie) 24, (GIRL)

LynnLee03, (Erin), 29 TEAM BLUE

mistyblue182, (Becky), 25, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Pennynjon, (Penny), 30 TEAM PINK

Pictureprfect143, (Tarin), 24 (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Scott&kim (Kimberly) 36 TEAM BLUE


Smiles122482 (Lauren) 26

Soon2BThelen, 28

srahandeddiejune212008 (Sarah)

Sweetestlove, (Amanda), 30 TEAM BLUE



MAY 7  

*2PsNaPod*, (Megan), 20 TEAM BLUE

2bamom, (Jackie), 29, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Amessec, (Angela), 24, (GIRL) TEAM PINK


BrainySmurfette (Melissa)

Edbenbow, 25 TEAM GREEN

Eviebee,  29, (BOY) TEAM GREEN

Futurefolks, (Rita), 28

FutureMECC (Beth)

Heatherpb1020,  28

JJMD09, 29

katater, 32, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

L?s mommy (Jill), 30, (BOY) TEAM PINK  


lilmoe 28

marzinelli17,  27

monstergurl, (Martie), 31, (BOY)

Newmommyin2010, (Stephanie), 28, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Palan, (Pam), 36 TEAM BLUE

schnappycat (Laura) 36

Sul06 (Kristin)  26, (BOY)  TEAM PINK

tamhen1979 (Tammie) 30

tattor (Torie)

WildcatPrincess (Courtney) 27, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Zakuravlm, (Valerie), 28, (BOY) TEAM PINK


MAY 8  


Dcunningham,  (Deanna), 26, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Iraabel, (Allycin), 43 TEAM BLUE

Jenah13 (Jenah) 21

KK2004, 32, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Lmccabe79 (Lauren) 30

Mrs.wink08 (Erica) 24 TEAM BLUE

Mrs.wtm, 31 TEAM BLUE

PMeg819 (Meg) 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

ScarlettATZ (Andrea) 30 TEAM PINK

Teelaman, TEAM PINK

Trmptr18. (Lauren), 25, (BOY)

Veritas1214 (Sarah) 27


MAY 9  

1StepAtATime, 28, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Beansi, 28

Careyrdh, (Carey), 23, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Caileyhc, (Cailey), 28, TEAM GREEN

Chiquita23, TEAM PINK

Cmmc23, 30, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

DCM5980, (Danielle), 29, (GIRL)

Dynomite, (Abbie), 27, (BOY)

Eleventofive, 26

Elliezen (Ellie) 28 (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Jays_bride, (Heather), 34, TEAM GREEN

Jkclosso (Jen) 30

katesmom73,  36, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

LestaMarie, (Celeste), 28

Lilfluke, (Courtney), 26, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Mayra2105, (Mayra), 22

Mcgee81107, (Kristin), 28

Mcpelc (michelle) 30, (BOY)

Megcheer2, (Megan), 29, (BOY) TEAM PINK

MelonieK, 39, TEAM PINK

Rohansmom (merisa) 32, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Shanbak, (Shannon), 28, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Stacieandclint (Stacie) 31

Sunfish22, (Lindy), 26 TEAM GREEN


MAY 10

Akrupin (Ali) 29

Bacala1, 33, TEAM PINK

Bkenan (Brittany) 22

Ceeble, 31

Cobbergal, (Nicole), 30 TEAM PINK

Debe94, (Debbie), 34 TEAM PINK

Erin&Ryan (Erin)  28 (BOY) TEAM PINK

Gennwaver (Genn)

giggles8, 26, (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Hula14 (Chelsea) 26

laurasue (Laura)  31, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Lauren9881, (Lauren), 28 TEAM BLUE

LLF7575, 34

Maiwamoto, (Michelle), 33 TEAM PINK

MrsSoapbox (Bethany) 30

MrsW722 (Melisa) 29

NowDNAtoo (Dena) 39

ntnycurlz (Kate) 30

rviola5. (Renee), 28 TEAM BLUE

starfish113 (Melissa) 27 TEAM PINK


MAY 11

Candicrazee, (Tammi), 31 TEAM PINK

Fishstyx, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Gabbysmama, (Heather), 30, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Klcl8981 (Kaitlin) 20 TEAM GREEN

Krisb830, 27 TEAM BLUE

Lawyerbride09 (Rachel) 33

Laxbugg1410, (Helen), 29, (BOY) TEAM GREEN

LKKJJK10, (Laura), 29 TEAM GREEN

Lokekelo, 32

LuckyH (Heather) 34

Mkoeth (Monica) 29

officerswife31 (Stacey)  24

punkfiction (Amanda)  26 TEAM PINK

saraheg77, (Sarah), 32, (BOY) TEAM BLUE

Trigirl30, (Carly), 34, (GIRL) TEAM BLUE

Tiffer2shoes, (Tiffany), 29, (BOY)



MAY 12               

Ameliaandmatt, (Amelia), 25, (BOY) TEAM PINK

Angnowamrs (Angela)

Coshea1, Christena

ChristinaD09, (Christina), 25 TEAM BLUE

Jenn4 (Jennifer) 33

Jmarie17 (Jen) 27 (GIRL) TEAM GREEN

Julietbride, (GIRL) TEAM PINK

Kerianne1176, (Kerianne), 33 <B style="mso-

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