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Live in Amityville - Need OB/GYN recs

With a heavy heart, I have come to the conclusion that I will probably have to switch ob/gyns.  The doctor I have been with for 12 years is in the city, and I've stayed with him because I've worked in the city all this time, and it was just as convenient to stay with him as it would have been to switch once I moved to Long Island.  And I love him dearly; he knows how to handle me (I don't do great with exams) and has a similar conservative philosophy regarding treatments.  But despite the fact that I will continue to work in the city even after I get pregnant, it is unrealistic, I think, to keep him as my ob/gyn since he works out of Mt. Sinai in the city, and well, that's a bit far away from Amityville.

So I need a new doc - preferably male, one who is not an alarmist and is gentle and responds well to questions.  Thanks for any recs you can give!

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