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Help with napping

DD sleeps great at night. I can put her into her crib fully awake and she usually puts herself to sleep in about 5 minutes. Naps on the other hand are very opposite.  She won't take a nap during the day unles we happen to be in the car when nap time rolls around or if I am holding her. What has anyone done to get LO to take their naps independently? HELP!!!

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  • Let me know when you figure it out. Lily is napping in her swing as we speak. SHe STTN in her crib but wants nothing to do with it during the day. I'm just glad she's not napping on me so I can get the laundry done.
  • I turn on her aquarium crib toy, read her a book and then put her in the crib with her paci.  She will cry for about 5 minutes, and then I go in to replace the paci - I do that again, and she's out.  So it takes 10-15 minutes altogether but once she's out, she sleeps great. 

    That's just what I found works for my LO.. you know what they say.. all babies are different!

    ETA:  Not sure if that falls under the category 'independently' lol but it works!


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  • Ok this is our story.


    Augustine would cry and cry. So one day I decided to try what my friends tried. I was scared but it was a Grand success. Pick one day that you stay home. Put the baby in  the crib. Kiss them and walk away. Let them cry for 10 min and then come back and then pick them up and hold them and say its ok and kiss them. Then put them back in the crib and do this for another 10 min. It took us 6 times total... Then he was out and sleeping. The next nap I did this 3 times. The next nap I did this 2. etc Then the next day I only did this once. He eventually learned that Mommy loved him but he was suppose to nap in his crib. Now I have a great napper. By the way the first time is teh worse you may even cry too but it sooo worth it!


     Now I put him in and he knows its nap time.Some say it takes up to 20min for a baby to sleep. This work for us! Augustine is 4months old .

    Best wishes! 

  • I hope this helps, here is a post I wrote on sleep:

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