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gift for DH on day LO born

anyone planning on doing this/done this is the past?  if so, please share some ideas!  i have such a horrible time coming up with gifts for DH on any occasion and with the baby coming, we're trying to keep huge expenses to a minimum.  however, i'd still like to get him something "nice" to commemorate the birth of his first son (but it won't be a tag like i wish it could be). 

Re: gift for DH on day LO born

  • The gift I'm giving my DH is a baby Big Smile. We are saving some $$$ for a little spa getaway just the 2 of us in a few months though...
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  • I'm hoping DH's gift will be that I don't kill him before I have this baby.  And if I do end up killing him, guess I won't need to give him a gift, huh?!  :-)  Don't know what to tell you, I'm not planning on giving him anything except a beautiful little girl.
  • i would like to get my  boyfriend something but since im not working and he pays for everything i couldnt really do that. besides, i think the baby is the best present. how can you beat that?! like PP said, save up for a get a way for just the two of you. great gift for you and him! :) i plan on taking my boyfriend to his fav restaraunt (chineese, he never gets iit bc i dont like it) and then maybe a nice hotel room for the night. (we live with my parents, so intimate quiet time is very rare for us) maybe do something like that?
  • I am giving my husband a beautiful baby boy.  That is gift enough. 

    I feel the same way about a "push present".  This baby will also be my gift.  And I don't see the point in spending money on each other at a time when we really need to focus finances on our new baby. 

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  • I bought DH a 'big' book (all you other teachers out there know what I mean) which will be from Kayleigh.  It's title is 'I Love You, Daddy!'  It cost me all of $3 (if that).  I thought it was cute.

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  • There is a watch I have been eyeballing for my hubby since forever. I don't think we will be able to afford it, especially since we are hoping to take a trip home before I go back to work. It is something I'm trying to figure out though, he has been so awesome throughout my pregnancy. I know he will think our son is plenty though.
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  • Last time, I bought DH a book -- "I Love You Through and Through" -- and signed it to him and DD1. I think I gave him another book but can't remember. This time I bought "How Do I Love You?" and plan to sign it to DH and DD2. I chose both those books because the titles and stories work for both DH and our girls. Plus I don't think you can ever have enough children's books!

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  • Add me to team baby! Seriously? When did the trend start that you need to buy eachother gifts for having a baby? I think that is gift enough.
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  • We aren't big on material gifts (we don't do material things for bdays or christmas either) so I probably won't do anything for the birth.
  • We are getting tattoos (not matching). He has his DS1's name wrapping around one wrist, and has already said he wants this LO's name wrapped around the other. I will buy him a GC to "surprise" him with it, and I will get my next one (also commemorating LO) at the same time. He just doesn't know it yet :)
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  • image Leah&Jack:

    My gift to DH is the baby. It works out well, because the baby is also my push present! :)

    Doesn't the baby commemorate the birth? 

    Bwahahaha! This made me laugh!

    I'm giving my DH a baby as well.

    He has told me that my "push present" is going to be a black eye for driving him nuts over the past 9 months. (He's kidding, obviously.) He's been great and I've been, well, a spaz. And an ultra-whiny spaz at that. His patience amazes me. I deserve two black eyes, lmao.  Wink

  • I want to get/make him a t-shirt that says something like "I'm a new daddy". I think it would be cute for him to wear when the baby comes. However, if I can't find one it won't be the end of the world. The baby will be enough.
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  • i found a cute poem to give him...i'm just printing it on my printer! lol. i may go to the dollar store and put it in a frame...but that depends on how i feel!


  • In addition to the baby, which is obviously gift enough, I am getting DH a new flash for his camera. He is a pretty great photographer and is so excited to take pictures of our LO and keeps talking about how this flash will be so great for kids. So, that will be my little gift.
  • My gift to DH is the baby and packing him a toothbrush, deoderant and some clothes in case we go to the hospital from work.  I've tried to explain to him why I need to take a few things other than myself a few times.  He'd never get why he would need anything.  We live ten minutes from the hospital, but it's not like he'll go home in the middle of labor. 
  • LO will be present enough. I did, however, get him a cross necklace for Christmas from LO. It is white gold with a small diamond, and on the back it says Love, Ella. Very simple and he adores it!

  • I would suggest a watch and maybe have the back engraved with "All our love - (your name) & LO's name(s)."

    It's something he'll have forever but he doesn't have to tell his beer drinking buddies about the mushy saying on the back.

  • I second the watch idea (it's actually what DH is getting me).  Doesn't matter what pricepoint--it's the idea behind the watch itself.  This is a time when your lives change forever.  A time when you become a family, instead of just a couple.  And every time he looks at "the time," he'll think of you and of the moment your child came into the world.  You can engrave baby's name and his/her time of birth on the back--VERY special.

    My husband?  I'm getting him a necklace/chain to hold his wedding ring--he's a surgeon, so he takes it off every day in the hospital, and he wants to keep it on his body.  I'm going to have a dog tag-like charm engraved with all 3 of our sets of initials in a tic-tac-toe pattern, so it's not super obvious what it says.  The charm will catch the ring when he slides it over the chain. 

    And will people get OVER the push present debate?  I LIKE to give presents.  I give them all the time, to all sorts of people.  I don't know why it rubs people the wrong way.  If you don't like them, don't do it!  In my family, it's a tradition. 

  • The "Push Gift" thing is not new; it's more common for some people than others.  It's even discussed in "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy", "Dad's Pregnant, Too", among others. I've mostly seen it in reference to the sig-o giving the gift to the mother, not the other way around. 

    That being said, it's not for everyone.  Like many have said here, the baby is the gift and gift enough! But for others, it's a symbolic gesture of thanks to commemorate a huge occasion, and maybe something that becomes an heirloom that can be given to the baby when he's old enough, for his/her 18th birthday, whatever. It doesn't have to be expensive (watch, ring, vacation), but rather something personal and meaningful.

    And, I don't think it makes a person materialistic to give a gift as long as the thought and intent are genuine.  But that's just me. 

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