3rd Trimester

Those expecting number 2+

How do you hope your labor/delivery compares with #1?

With DS, my water broke early in the morning and I had no contractions.  I ended up having him 10 hours later (after pitocin) with only 30 minutes of pushing.  I feel like his labor/delivery was a dream and would love the same thing this time around!

Re: Those expecting number 2+

  • I hope to have a completely different experience.  I had a c/s with DD, and I'm planning to VBAC med free this time around.

  • I hope I have labor. I had nothing last time. 42 weeks and nothing.
  • Overall, my labor with Dd #1 was great, so I'd take that again in a heartbeat. I'd like to push less (last time was 1.5 hours) and not need the vacuum though. My OB said that it shouldn't be an issue, because the first baby does the work for the second, so pushing should be easier.
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  • had an unplanned csect w/dd--having a planned on w/ds
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  • I would absolutely love to have the same kind of labor, delivery and recovery as I had with DS. My water broke at the hospital at about 11 pm, I got my epi, slept through the night, had some pitocin, and DS was born at 8:41 in the morning after about 10 minutes of pushing. Easy recovery without tearing. I don't know that I'll get that lucky twice, but I sure hope so.
  • I hoped it would completely easy/different and it was!!! Yay!!!

    With DS I labored for over 24 hours @ 41+ weeks, pushed for 3 hours - ended in an emergency c/s after all THAT - ughghg. Then, I got knocked out for the c/s cause I was not repsonding to the spinal =/

    Didn't see DS for the first 2-3 hours after the c/s because I was so out of it. 

    With DD I had my c/s date scheduled. I went into labor 3 weeks prior to that date and they took her.

    Easy Peasy =D

  • I was in the hospital 4 hours before DS was born, but with 1.5 of those hours pushing and then a vacuum.  Hopefully everything if the same except for the long pushing and vacuum this time around.

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  • Both of my labors were pretty good, but I hope this one is more like my first. My second was fast and furious and very painful because I had no epi until about three minutes before pushing. I want the nice, early epi again this time. Labor with my first was actually enjoyable because I had no pain...lol.
  • I hope things are completely different! DD's birth was horrible and very traumatic. One I do NOT hope to repeat. Think: meconium in water, no contractions, pitocin induced contractions (which they started me at too high of a dose so I went from nothing to cursing at every living thing within an 8 foot radius in about 30 minutes), back labor, an epi 8 hours later, 30 minutes after that DD's heartrate dropped and they made me change into all these funky positions which caused my epi cath to kink and zero medicine to go to my right side, 5 epi toppers later I couldn't feel anything from my shoulder to my toes on my LEFT side but could feel everything on my right, after 17 hours of labor they came running into my room and made me get on all 4's because DD's heartrate dropped again, I was running a high fever at this point and STILL HADN'T DILATED PAST A 5 (!). DD was born via c/s 45 minutes later with a cut on her cheek from the c/s.?

    Um, no thank you! I have no idea what's going to happen with this one. I just found out that my scheduled c/s was NOT scheduled and they don't have availability until 12/28 (4 days before my EDD) and seeing as how DD was born at 37.5 weeks they doubt I'll make it until then. I was content with a scheduled c/s this time around but now that I am probably going to go into labor on my own I am undecided with how I want them to proceed when I do. Ugh. ?

  • Well, I would like to skip the 2 days of prodromal labor. That was tough. I started having contractions late on a Friday night (41w 5d). They continued all night and then subsided on Saturday, so I slept. They picked up again on Saturday night and I was up all night again. They continued all day Sunday and finally got close enough together to head for the hospital at 6pm on Sunday. After all that, I was only 4cm and since I was due to be induced the next day, the doctor broke my water and started pitocin. My plan for a natural childbirth went out the window shortly thereafter and I got the epidural. That was good because it allowed me to finally get some sleep. It took all night on the pitocin to dilate to 10cm. I pushed for 2 1/2 hrs and DS was finally born at 2pm on Monday. All in all, it wasn't a terrible experience because my epidural gave me complete pain relief. This time around, I would love an active labor that is shorter than 20 hours!
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  • I hope it is different in only one way...I want to go into labor on my own.  I was induced with DS and had a really really great experience with it.  Id just love to have my water break at home and labor a little at home as well.
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  • Well....I already know mine will be very different.

    With DS....my water broke at home (which I liked....), got to the hospital and was already 6cm/80% effaced, which was good.....but was not having regular contrax at all. Labored all night until they gave me Pitocin the next morning (HATE that stuff....so glad I won't have to have it again!) and then pushed for THREE hours only to have a c-sect.

    So.....this time we have a planned c-sect. I can't wait.....I have no desire to go through labor and/or pushing ever again! 


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  • I'd love to have a similar delivery to my first.  I lost my MP, contractions started, water broke, DH was born 18 hours later with very little pushing.  This time will automatically be different since I'll be delivering in a cold OR, but I hope I can have another vag birth (and not an induction), I think I'll have a c/s since one or both babies have been breech at each U/S so far.
  • I hope it's somewhat similar.. pain-wise at least ;)

    W/ DD#1 I was 6 days late and my body refused to dilate past 1.5 on it's own, so even though I went into labor on my own, I still needed pitocin. I was in labor for 19 hours but once that epi kicked in, I felt absolutely nothing! I couldn't even feel the urge to push.

    This time, I'm hoping I won't need pitocin.. I'm already 2.5 cm dilated, so that's reassuring to me, maybe my body will work this time ;) I am hoping for a speedier labor time and it would be nice if she could come out in a few pushes instead of 50 mins ;)

    The epi, however, I am praying it works as well as last time! :D

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  • I DREAM of having the exact same delivery. I was induced at 39 wks. 4 days...at 9pm at night.  Had my epidural at 1am, was fully dilated & DS was crowning at 5:30am. 

    My Sis, Aunt AND the OB almost missed my delivery...lol.  The nurse told me NOT to push and told DH to get whoever wanted to be there ASAP.  I had my DS after 2 pushes at 6:27 am.  He was 7 lb. 8 oz, 20.5" and perfect.

    I really am worried after having such an easy & perfect L & D with DS...

  • Im hoping #2 delivery is totally different! Please someone tell me it's better. with my first. My water broke, no dialating, pitocin, epidural, more drugs. Over 3hours of pushing. Sam finally was born after 24hours then in ICU for 12 hours then severepost partum depresson a month later. It HAS tobe better right?:)
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