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Do you ever go against the Pedi's advice?

Every other 3.5-4 month old on here is like 14 lbs from posts I read..even the babies born in the 5-6lbs range. My DS was born 7.6 & a week shy from 4 months he is a whooping 9.2!! I go to the Dr weekly for him to be weighed. I went from EBF to BF/FF & pumping so I could make sure he was getting 5oz every 3 hours. He also doesn't lift his head up much & never on tummy time he just cries. The Dr doesn't seem to be too concerned, said maybe its in his "makeup". He gave me Zantac to help with the spit up & will consider bloodwork on Tuesday if no improvement (per MY request).

 I took it upon myself to up his bottles to 6-7oz this week as well as start cereal 2x a day. He had said not to start cereal because that would make him want to drink less but I found it not to be true upon experimenting.

Maybe I will get flamed for not following Dr's orders but I feel there comes a time when my motherly instinct has to take over!

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Re: Do you ever go against the Pedi's advice?

  • D was born 6/1 and weighed 10.3 at 3 months.  i think she might be 11 pounds now.  Nowhere near 14 pounds.  She was born 5 pounds 4 ounces.  Pedi is not concerned with her development (much of it is reflux related).

    i would not go against the pedi over something as important as starting solids early.  i would seek a 2nd opinion if you think the pedi is wrong about something major like development, though.  GL!

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  • I do not go against my pedis advice, but than again I trust my pedi and feel that she listens to my concerns and answers all my questions. So far I have agreed with everything she has said. I also do my own research before I go in so if I do have any concerns I can voice them to her.

    If you feel that you are going against him or that he is not listening to your concerns you should seek a new pedi. ?

  • We changed pedi's because we did not agree with the way the 1st one was going about things. 
    That being said, my pedi said that at 4 months a baby should be getting close to 32oz per day.  I don't think that Noahs make-up would result in him not gaining 2lbs in 4 months honestly.  I think because you and s are fairly small people then in the future he N would too be small, definitely not a basketball giant lol, but in your case I do think its ok to go against what he says. That boy needs to gain weight! :o(
  • I say trust your instinct.  If you are not happy, can you get a second opinion?  My pedi failed to meet my expectations on so many levels but the clincher was when they did not return my phone call when I left msg. that DS was having severe reflux issues.  We switched to a new pedi who suggested trying a new formula (old one said this wouldn't work) and DS is so much happier.  Old pedi said to "wait it out" and to give him zantac and maalox after every single feeding, WTH! 

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  • I say get a second (professional) opinion. It can't hurt.
  • as of now i have always listened however if i felt strongly about something i would probabaly get a 2nd opinion.

    as far as the cereal iiiidk...

    but i never consult with my pedi about incresing his formula intake.

    im sure your LO is fine but i would probably get a 2nd opinion about the weight gain.

  • Every baby is different.  Some gain weight faster than others (however, I do agree, 9lbs does seem to be off the charts small).  Some hate tummy time.  Some take a while to lift their heads.

    Cereal doesn't really have any nutritional value...and formula has more calories.  

    ETA:  I'm with everyone else.  You should get a second opinion before going against doctor's orders.

  • I switched pedis because my former pedi (aside from having crappy hours and an office I couldn't get my stroller into) seemed utterly unconcerned at my DD's lack of growth.  Month after month, she fell further and further off the curve.  She had trouble eating due to torticollis. 

    Finally, after being shoved off on an NP for a visit, I got my records and left.  New pedi also isn't concerned about her growth....she's just small.  But, we ran tests just to make sure she's not suffering from a food allergy, celiac disease, or vitamin deficiency due to her poor eating ability. 

    Not that I wanted them to test everything, but, geez, acknowledge me when I say MY KID CAN'T SWALLOW AND ISN'T GAINING WEIGHT.  

    My former pedi also failed to diagnose hypotonia and torticollis.  In his defense, she didn't have the pronounced tilt, so even I missed it, but still....I DID bring it up that she appeared weak on one side, and her mouth was crooked.  He said it was just going to be a "quirk".  I took her to a pedi PT and, as it turns out, it wasn't just a quirk and she's had lasting problems because of it.

    I'd see someone else.  Why keep going back if you don't trust the doctor?


  • If you're at the point of not following his advice, I think it's time to find a new pedi.  They're not all created equal, unfortunately.  Also, Zantac will not keep him from spitting up, it will just make it less acidic.  It sounds like he gave you a script to appease you - not good.  Good luck - I hope it works out.
  • I would seriously suggest a second opinion.  My niece was 5 lbs 16 oz at birth.  She was 7lbs ?? oz at her 4 month check-up.  My sister had taken her to see a pedi GI who blew off my sister.  At her 4 month check-up the pedi freaked and called a different pedi GI who admitted my niece to the hospital on the spot. She had a whole host of issues.  She is now doing great.

    My sister knew something wasn't right.  If you think something is wrong, follow up with that.   I'd look for a 2nd opinion, ASAP.

  • I think you should always follow your instincts AND listen to your pedi's advice....just find a happy medium. 

    If you ever feel uncomfortable than get a second opinion.

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  • Most doctors are more concerned with the growth/ weight trend as compared to the amount of weight itself. As long as DD didn't drop below the 5th percentile pedi had no concerns.


  • I could be mistaken, but I thought the common opinion amongst pediatricians was no solids before 6 months. ?I know back in the day people used to give babies solids at 3 or 4 months, but I thought they found that it was too soon to give solid food, especially since babies still have very new and delicate digestive systems. ?Of course he's not going to die from eating solids this early, but if you aren't sure and he has reflux problems maybe a 2nd opinion is in order.?

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