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What are you reading?

I am looking for some pregnancy books for me, for my husband, and books that will help me get the dogs ready for the baby (I have two large dogs, one super hyper, the other more mellow). I read someone mention  And Baby Makes Four: A Trimester-by-Trimester Guide to a Baby-Friendly Dog .

I'm on Amazon and just adding books to my cart, going to downscale it after reviewing more. I was just wondering what you ladies are reading...and what books you would suggest for the DH.

Re: What are you reading?

  • I stuck to 2 books passed down to us-what to expect and the expectant father.

    I have a large dog, also. He is a breed that is frowned upon most of the time. DH did a lot of research online for dealing with a dog and baby.


    GL to you.

  • Right now, I am reading I'm Pregnant by Lesley Regan,MD (ISBN #: 0-7566-0950-X). I love the book. I went through a lot of pregnancy books my first time around and then wanted to burn them when I loss the baby.

    So, I went looking again because all of the books that I read seemed out dated. I found this book at Books-A-Million and it was perefect for me. It explains everything (the good and the bad) so you will be educated in wht is happeneing to your baby and your body and your mind. It has great pictures and a great reference section.

    I hope this helps!

  • As it is I'm addicted to Amazon...so throw in the nervous excitment of being a first time mom and I should be buying shares in Amazon for all the books I've been buying lately!

    I have the standard What to Expect When Expecting, which is quite comprehensive although you do have to read it knowing it takes a conservative point of vew on everything.  Also am reading The Working Women's Pregnancy Book, which has is rich with great tips for preggers on the job! My husband loved the book My Boys Can Swim...he read it in 2 days and was laughing the whole way through.

    I also have a more humorous book, The Girlfirend's Guide, coming that I plan to read over vacation along with another about pregnany and excerise. Love the suggestion about preparing your dog for the baby...we have a very spoiled 6yr old and although she's extrememly calm and tolerant she is also used to pretty much all of the attention.

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