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just got scheduled my induction on my due date..too soon??

Okay, I just got back from the doctor's and she said since I'm still closed and thick and still a 1 dialated from last week and a half, that she decided to induce me next Monday on my due date. So far everyone I've told are questioning as to why is it so early, the more he's in there the better, etc. I'm starting to freak out. I just emailed my doc and asked her to specifically WHY they'll be inducing so soon. My baby is about 8 lbs, no planned c section, and although they have me at high risk due to BP, my BP has remained consistently normal for a few months now and the baby is doing great, heartbeat and activity.

 So does anyone think that I should go ahead with the induction??? I don't see why not, I dont want to risk a c section due to a bigger baby a week later, or he's too big to pass thru. I just want to meet the little guy, and it wasn't my idea to induce, the doc came in and just told me that. I asked her questions, but still feel unsure from the feedback I"m getting, which is why i'm on here now :) 


Thanks for taking the time to reply, I'm really at a loss right now with all this. First time mom and i'm excited/nervous!



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Re: just got scheduled my induction on my due date..too soon??

  • i would wait to see what your dr says but i don't see any harm in them scheduling it for your due date... now if they had wanted to you to schedule for 37 or 38 wks then i would have questioned her

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  • in theory, the longer the cook the better, but i know a few people whose dr's have scheduled inductions by their EDD if LO hasn't arrived yet. 

    if your dr's okay doing it, i'd ask why (for reassurance) and try to relax.

  • With the induction scheduled for your actual due date... I honestly wouldn't worry about it.  It's not like they are scheduling you early.
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  • I know a lot of people disagree, but for me.. due date is eviction date. I know it's good for baby to stay in as long as possible, but I'm too worried about the risks of baby staying in too long.?

    However, you might not have to worry, there is time between now and Monday. Maybe he will come on his own! Good Luck!?

  • I won't be getting induced until next week but I do have a friend that was induced on her due date and everything went great for her. I think it's really just up to you.
  • Go for IT! if you doc said to induce tomorrow I would say go for it! if your baby is already bigger, I would think you would want to get him out! 

    Have a great delivery and its your choice! 

  • I would wait to see what your doctor says as to exact reasons for inducing. I would think it's probably because of your BP. Everyone I know who has had high BP in pregnancy gets induced by or on their due dates if the baby hasn't come yet. That's just the people I've known though.

    Hopefully your doc will get back to you soon and it will help put you at ease.

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  • I am being induced at  39 weeks for BP/diabetes. My BP/diabetes have been well controlled throughout past nine months. My OB does not want the baby to be in distress or get any bigger. I am at 36 weeks and will get date soon.
  • I would think it's because the baby is already 8lbs and gains an oz. a day on average. Your dr. may be trying to avoid the chance of you having to have a c-section.  GL!
  • If you and your doctor are both comfortable with the induction, then I say go for it! 

    If you are uncomfortable with the choice, then you ought to talk with your doctor a bit more and see if it could be scheduled for a bit later.  You don't want to go too far past your due date, but there's certainly a window!


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  • OMG thanks girls soooo very much! I"m at ease just reading these responses. My mom is driving me crazy and is coming over right now to take me walking! Indifferent I just pray he comes this weekend! Everyone thanks again so much!
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  • My 1st dc was induced the day before his due date and I said I'd never do it again, he just wasn't ready and neither was my cervix. But it's your decision.
  • I'm scheduled for an induction the day after my due date. I wouldn't worry too much, that seems like standard procedure for a lot of OBs.
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  • I am a little confused here, you say you are thick and closed yet you are 1cm dilated.  That doesnt make since to me sorry.
  • I wouldn't do it. There is nothing magical about your ESTIMATED due date - it is an estimation, nothing more. Some babies take a little longer or a little less than 40 weeks. Also, the weight is just an estimate as well. Don't let your OB scare you into an induction with the fear of a big baby. Your body will make the baby that your body can handle delivering.

    Internal exams do nothing but plant false hope or piss off moms-to-be. They don't provide any indication of when you will go into labor. Where your cervix was last week or today doesn't mean anything!!

    An induction when your body isn't prepared can lead to an unecessary C/S and unneeded distress to your baby.  




  • image sawyer2:
    I am a little confused here, you say you are thick and closed yet you are 1cm dilated.  That doesnt make since to me sorry.


    Labor and Delivery said I was a 1 and thick, my doc checked me today and she said i'm a little open but still cervix is closed. Just telling you what they told me.

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  • If its because of worries about your blood pressure, it seems reasonable.  Otherwise, I think it seems kinda dumb, especially if everything is still high and closed (google "bishop's score").  This makes the induction less likely to work, which can be unpleasant for you and baby, esp if it ends in a c-section.

    I don't think it's a huge deal at 40 weeks (assuming that DD is correct), but I just think that it's silly to do medical procedures without a specific reason. 

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  • I would not induce that early without a medical reason.

    Especially given that your body doesn't seem to be ready- you could easily have a failed induction and wind up with a C section.

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    Reaching your due date does not necessarily make you a good candidate for induction.  Inducing when your body isn't already showing signs of being ready (like soft cervic, dilation) dramatically increases your odds of a failed induction, which generally means a c-section


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  • Shoot I would say do it! Theres no harm in doing it on your due date. :) The dr wouldnt do anything if they thought it was harmful to you or your baby... good lucky but dont worry! :)
  • I went in last week at 38w1d and was 1cm, 50% effaced.  Doctor asked me if I wanted to be induced on any particular day.  I just went ahead with my due date.  He said if my cervix had still been closed and thick that he wouldn't have scheduled me at all.

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