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I want to know what your thoughts are regarding excercise.....my doctor advised me yesterday to make sure that I didn't do any exercise that would make my heart rate rise above 140.  I tried to do some light elliptical but I could only do that for about 20 minutes because my hear rate kept coming up.  I ended up going to the stationary bike where I was able to keep my rate well below 140. 

What other exercise are you ladies doing?  I enjoy working out and would like to continue; but of course I want to be careful because of the baby. 


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Re: exercise question

  • Hey! We have the same EDD!

    For some weird reason, I'm petrified of exercise right now. I used to be a huge work out junkie (I work in Kinesiology at a University) but with my wedding and a bunch of travel this summer, I've been barely able to get out for a run, let alone a full workout!

    I have my first Dr appt tomorrow and I'll express my concerns to her and hopefully receive some reassuring feedback. No matter what, I'm definitely going to keep it light...cycling (stationary), walking around the track (although that often brings on the cramps) and some light weights.

    Any spotting (which I hear can happen if you exercise too hard), and I'll taking a break.

  • I bike to work everyday (at least until I pop and it starts to affect my balance) and swim. I have heard that as you progress, it is a lot more comfortable to be in the water due to the buoyancy. So I figured why not start that routine now. Plus, the weather makes it a great time to have an excuse to go to the pool.
  • I plan to continue exercising as normal as I can for as long as I can.  I gained way too much weight with my first child, so don't want that to happen again.
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  • The 140 hr rule is dated.  As long as you were active before, you can continue with what you were doing, as long as you hydrate yourself well and not exercise to exhaustion.  I run and bike, and was worried my dr would tell me the same thing, but he said what I mentioned above.  I am a little paranoid and have settled with keeping my hr below 150, which means if it's cool enough, I can get a somewhat decent run in.  It's been too hot for me lately to go out.  I am heading out friday (FINALLY) for a ride, and I am just going to go out at a moderate pace.  It's not supposed to be too hot.  I can't wait!!


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  • image mtbmama2b:

    The 140 hr rule is dated.  As long as you were active before, you can continue with what you were doing, as long as you hydrate yourself well and not exercise to exhaustion.  


    I agree! I work in fitness, and that 140 rule is outdated. Just make sure you listen to your body. If you have any pain, can't breath, etc; Stop.  

  • I feel the same way!!!  Well, I will continue to do use the bike and walk on the treadmill.  There isn't a lot else, at least I think, that I can do that will keep my heart rate below 140. 

    I just would like to stay active.  I will continue to see how I feel and I won't over-do it. 

     I used to do about an hour of cardio a couple of times a week so I will lower that time to 45 minutes just to be safe.

     Let us know what your doctor says!


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  • strength training and walking on the treadmill.  it's easy to keep the heart rate down this way!

  • Just another voice to say that the 140 rule is (thankfully!!) outdated.  You should certainly be able to use the elliptical machine while pregnant as long as you aren't working yourself to total exhuastion.  I try to keep my HR around 150 and under 160, just b/c that is what works for me to get a good workout but not overdue it.  I'm still running, spinning, using the elliptical, and lifting.
  • With my first I did Pilates and Yoga. I'm actually an instructor so I did taught classes 5 nights a week. I actually taught a dance fitness class 2 nights before I went into labor. My doctor was very supportive of me doing this and I highly recommend it. It helped me feel better, not gain too much weight and I had very strong muscles to push my son out (I only pushed for about 20 minutes). Just make sure you have an instructor who knows about Pre-Natal fitness. I'm planning on doing Pilates and Yoga and also Zumba through out this pregnancy as well. Good luck to you!

  • I agree with the PP's ~ my OB said the 140 rule is outdated and completely arbitrary.

    She said to keep doing what you were doing pre-pg but to stay comfortable.  Now isn't the time for sprint workouts or training for a marathon.  There will be plenty of time for leisurely waddles around the park later, so enjoy riding a bike and kicking some ass on the elliptical while you can  :)

    Also, give swimming a try or check out www.fitpregnancy.com for other ideas about staying in shape while KU

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  • I'm doing my regular weight routine  (nothing heavy) and the Zumba class I've been doing all year. Zumba is great because it's fun so I'm motivated to go, and it works the abs without having to lie on your back. Monday I was soooo tired before the class I actually feel asleep while stretching beforehand. But 20 minutes in and I was wide awake, tons of energy, and it kept me feeling alert and awake for a couple hours after the class.
  • Hi! With my first pregnancy I did a slow run/fast walk combo. When I felt my heart rate going up, I would slow it down to a walk. I ran until I was about 5 months. Then after that I walked and did yoga. It was GREAT, and I really believe it helped me during labor. Good luck!
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