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DH is a douche.

On two separate occasions last week I asked DH to unload the dishwasher.  He basically told me to fvck off he was 'busy' playing on the computer after working all day.  So I unloaded it.  Both times.

He just now had the nerve to tell me to do something productive while he makes lunch.  He said "load up the dishwasher."

So I finished loading the dishwasher and told him he's an asssholee and reminded him that I asked him TWICE last week to unload it and also reminded him that he basically told me to fvck off.  He said he was sorry.  I told him to kiss my asss.

I am really not in the mood for his bullshiit today. He better hope he doesn't make any more dumbass comments to me.


Re: DH is a douche.

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