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How to brighten room with small window?

My room only has one small window that doesn't get a lot of light into it because it faces South.  I love love natural lighting, and want to mimic it as much as possible.  My ugly yellow lightbulbs are not going to cut it.

Anyone have this same problem?  What kind of lighting do you have?

Re: How to brighten room with small window?

  • I have the same problem. The only window faces West but there is a large tree out front. Even if we trim the tree back, it will still be dim. I tried to convince DH to install a skylight but he is a little initimdated by that idea. I think my only options will be to put in a floor lamp by the glider and a table lamp on the dresser plus the ceiling fan/light.
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    You could paint the room a lighter color.
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    You could paint the room a lighter color.

    Not just a lighter color but a brighter color... my sister's room is a lemon yellow and it really brighten up the room, if we had just used a light yellow it would not have had the same effect.

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  • I agree with the lighter color for walls... think "fresh" colors (yellows, greens, etc.)  Also, keep the ceiling a nice crisp white and if you have a ceiling light fixture that casts the light upward (like a basket-like fixture) instead of downward it will reflect off of the ceiling for a more indirect, natural light that will fill the room instead of creating a "spotlight" effect.  Then if you need more light in specific areas add small lamps for task lighting.  HTH!
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    i agree with the lighter color- and brighter would be good too- i would use airy accents too- like white sheer panels with blinds that could be opened to let in the light during the day...

    also if u put a mirror on the opposite side of the window, the light will reflect off the mirror and add more light and a more spacious feel

  • I think getting a light bulb that advertises natural light would help (no yellows) which is funny because there is nothing natural about a light bulb.

    Go to lowes and they can help you, sorry I can't remember the time of the kind we used to have. 

  • Use reveal light bulbs they work great!
  • Not sure if you handled this yet, but as an interior decorator, I've had much success in small rooms w/ soft, but bright yellows and greens for the walls and a pale/icy blue for the curtains and even ceiling or trim (mid level chair-rail or crown molding) the white only works on the ceiling if it's a bright white, especially something in latex so it has a bit of a shine and those new eco-friendly bulbs are AWESOME!!!!!


    best wishes, feel free to contact me if you need anymore help....

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