2nd Trimester

Craving ...... Junk food!

im 13 wks and all i want is junk food like Mcdonalds, Taco bell, Poutine and sour keys lol? . i still eat heathy but the junk food craving is taking over, is this happening to anyone else?

Re: Craving ...... Junk food!

  • I'm sitting here eating cotton candy... does that answer the question?  :)

    really, I can't get enough sweets... which really isn't all that different from when I'm not pregnant, but still... I think I actually cave and allow myself to have them more now - which I totally shouldn't be doing!

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  • For some reason my main craving is jalapenos! BUT.... every Wednesday for lunch...I let myself indulge in junk food (ie a hamburger and onion rings).  Usually by "treating" myself to that one day, it helps carry me through the week.

    A lot of times the thought of junk food makes me feel sick though...I can't stand sweets these days. 

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  • I went through a big period of wanting sour keys too!  Now it is chocolate covered raisins. Yum.
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  • I do, but I'm pretty good about not giving in. Any junk food place is at least 7 miles away, so that helps! But if I'm near, it gets a lot harder to resist...
  • Oh yes!! I crave chocolate at night. And taco bell is the number one place I crave or it's chipotle. I do eat healthy too but you just cant help it when you crave for something different.
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