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Have we discussed Father's Day?

Just wondering what (if anything) you plan on getting H for father's day.

Father's day is only a few days before my EDD, so with a little luck, H might actually get a "real" father's day. ?I want to get him something special cause he really has been great taking care of me / putting up with me for the last 9 months. haha

Any ideas??

Re: Have we discussed Father's Day?

  • Tell him the baby is his present.
  • Nothing....

    Though we will mention it and "I can't believe next year at this time you'll be a father!!!" which is exactly what we did for mother's day this year : )

    I hope to god we don't have a million posts about it like we did the mother's day lack of cards, gifts etc. That was painful!

    And I hope you LO arrives in time! That would be awesome!


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  • image Traycee1242:

    I hope to god we don't have a million posts about it like we did the mother's day lack of cards, gifts etc. That was painful!


    Oh me too! I think this is different though. I don't think you'll find many men who *really* feel like dads before the baby is here the way some women feel like moms while they're pregnant.

    Either way, my argument is the same for both holidays- so much more fun to celebrate when the baby is here.

    BUT- someone posted a college onesie and booties earlier that she got for her DH. I like that idea because it isn't really a gift for him but a nice way to honor him and celebrate him becoming a dad.

  • We aren't doing anything, we didn't (at my request) for Mother's Day. But I think I will get DH a baby onesie with our local football team on it since he has shown some interest in getting one.
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  • I picked up a few things that would be helpful w/ baby (a few toys and a baby backpack) that I am planning to give him

    My c/s is scheduled 2 days before fathers day

  • I'm really struggling, too. Despite the "the baby is the gift" sentiment that keeps getting thrown around, I actually like giving my DH gifts.

    I may just write a letter to him from his baby girl.

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  • Oh- AsianPrncessKim- to answer your question, my plans....

    Well, DH and I have a thing where we basically just spoil eachother on these holidays. Breakfast in bed, favorite dinner, desserts, massages, flowers, etc. Then there are the homemade gifts from the kids. BUT this year we both *needed* replacements of important things so I got a new camera and he's getting a new cell phone. 


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