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Alright. ?So I am between week 9 and 10. ?I have noticed that my bowel movements have been different since being pregnant. ?This morning I had a very painful bowel movement, and there was blood. ?Now what the heck do I do???

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  • i'm in the same boat. its aweful. if you find anything out, let me know!!!!
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  • I went to the Dr and he prescribed the most horribly named cream ever: anusol.  If the bleeding doesn't stop I have to have an internal exam.

    I'm giving the cream a few days to work, but so far I've bled with #2 for 3 days now...

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  • Wow I have been going thru the same thing, The last two bowel movements that I had there was blood. I go to the doc. today and I will find out more about it. Will let you know what they say.
  • That would be great. ?Thank you. ?My doctor's office isn't open yet today.
  • Are you all eating enough fiber? Or is this beyond that??
  • I just talked to my doctor's office. ?To combat internal hemorrhoids, she told me to take Colace stool softener 100 mg 2 times a day, to drink a gallon of water a day, and to eat cereal high in fiber like Kashie fiber one. ?She said that the Colace takes about 3 days to take effect. ?Doing all of these things should soften the stool which will make it easier to come out and also to heal the hemorrhoids that started bleeding. ?She said to expect more bleeding within the next couple of days, but look for it to be less. ?I asked her when this issue should be resolved, and she said with all these things within 5-7 days. ?So yeah for being pregnant. ?
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