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TMI warning: Are diarrhea and cramps a sign of labor?

I finally fell asleep last night after having some pretty bad cramps.  I woke up this morning around 5 am again with the cramps again, but nothing was consistent or timeable.  I have since then had a couple bouts of diarrhea, on and off cramps and my stomach is making all sorts of funny noises.  I have no idea where the diarrhea came from because I ate nothing for dinner last night.  I have an uncomfortable feeling of being full right now and could not eat last night.  I am 37 weeks today...do you think this could be an early sign of labor approaching?

Re: TMI warning: Are diarrhea and cramps a sign of labor?

  • It could be or you could be catching something.  I would call your doctor either way.


  • They definitely could be early signs of labor, though without a consistent timing to your cramping probably nothing to time yet.  I had these exact same symptoms a week ago and they sent me into the hospital only to send me right back home again.


  • I am 37 weeks as of Saturday. I have had the same thing. Some cramps random ones, still more braxtons, and yep the runs. So maybe its your body getting ready for the big day. If its nothing like very 10 minutes or so (which mine is not) I am going to ride it out. I am not one to call the doctor every time something happens.. 

    Keep holding on girl, I am there with ya!!




  • I would call your doctor.   My mom would always have diarrhea right before she went into labor.   She would go over and over again until she was "empty."   (You gotta love all the birth stories you hear from close relatives/friends when your own time is approaching).    :) 

    If you think it could be false labor, drink 32 oz of water in 20 minutes, empty your bladder, and lay down on your left side.    (That's what my childbirth instructor said).   If you still are having contractions, then it might be the real thing. 

    Still, it would be safest to call your own doctor and get his/her opinion.  They may want you to come in for a check.

  • I've been having the same thing for about 2 weeks and my MW said unless you can time the contractions, it's not a big deal. I would however check with your DR only cuz of the crazy flu going around!
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