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i hate my cat!

seriously! that thing is a fcking pain in the ass! he snuck into the bedroom (we dont let them in here because i hate waking up with cat hair in my mouth from my pillows) and i see him come out of nowhere (it might have been the closet) and run under the bed and im trying to get him out and hes just lying inches from my grasp and i finally get dh in here to help and when i can finally reach him i grab him and he shreds my hand to bits and runs out.

please will someone take him. pretty please

Re: i hate my cat!

  • i think you have a cat with a case of "jerkhole"
  • Oooh, I used to have a devil cat who pulled similar pranks. Luckily my current kitties are obese and don't have the energy for such hijinx.
  • My cat bites her nails. Does anybody elses cat do this? We get into screaming matches over it (Me and H of course). He says I should let her bite her nails but I say no cause it's gross. He says I bite my nails all the time and he doesn't yell atme so I'm not allowd to yell at her. I hate kitty yet she is in my avatar picture...
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  • i really do wish i could find a better home for him. i do take care of him and he gets along with the other pets but he was a gift from an exboyfriend years ago and no one i know can take him and i refuse to put him in a shelter because hes older now and with all the crowding in the shelters here i just know he would get put down

    the only reason he gave him to me was because i had an apartment and he still lived with his parents and they didnt let him have one. i dont even like cats! he just brougt him home one day and hes been stuck with me ever since. poor kitty

  • biggest suggestion I can make is to invest in two things both of which are fairly cheap and have worked great with my demon spawn cat. First get a squirt bottle. If nothing else you get the satisfaction of shooting him when he's bad but it keeps mine in line most of the time. The second has been the best way to punish a cat without actually hurting him, it's the tube from wrapping paper. We actually discovered it while trying to find something to punish our great dane with without actually hurting him. The sound is all it really takes.?


    The only other thing I can tell you is he's BORED, and that's why he does what he does. Mine will bite us in the middle of the night. I don't worry about claws since he's front declawed but he's just evil, even to the puppy. I've started trying to keep him busy with toys and other nonsense, it's helped a little but in general he's just evil.


    Good luck?

  • i can sympathize, my cat prefers to be outside but i had her stay in last night bec it was super chilly and i wake up to find a present in my bath tub even tho i have a perfectly clean catbox for her presents, bad kitty! i think she was mad at me. my bf wants to take her to the humane society bec shes such a b but i dont have the heart.
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