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DS only naps when I hold him

Help me break this cycle! ?He will only sleep at night, not during the day. ?It's like he's the freaking energizer bunny! ?He's only 6 weeks old! ?I can't get anything done. ?He hates the swing, bouncer, etc.?

Re: DS only naps when I hold him

  • It's pretty common at this point.  All I can tell you is as soon as you know he's in a deep sleep, put him down maybe on top of a blanket and his boppy on the floor?

    That worked for us. 

  • My DS is older but he will not nap unless we hold him either. He can be sounds asleep and the minute I put him down he is wide awake. Sorry, I don't have any advice for you but at least you're not alone. :)
  • Something that helped me with Evan (I didn't know about slings and wraps when he was born, but that's all I use for Abby's naps now), was if I needed to lay him down, I'd warm up his bassinett (or my bed, wherever he was going to lay) with a hot water bottle...I think going from Mama's warm arms to a relatively cool bed or crib or cradle, may be shocking to some babies. It worked for Evan for a while, anyway.
  • my DD did this also the first month or so.  i kept putting her down and eventually she is able to sleep on her own.  i think its just a phase and it will get better.  you could also try a baby bjorn or other carrier so you can get things done while he naps.
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