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  • Verona's birth story

    My due date was Dec 11th. At 37 weeks, I was 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. At 38 weeks, I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Then, a few days before, I think I lost my mucous plug. And at 39 weeks, I was 4-4.5 cm and 80% effaced. My doctor swept my membranes at 11 AM. That afternoon, I had some bleeding and cramping but no contractions. A little disappointed, I ate dinner and watched the SNL holiday special. Around 10pm, I started having painful, irregular contractions. At 11pm, we downloaded a contraction timer app. They were coming fairly often, but not at regular intervals. My husband went to bed around midnight while I lay awake for a few more hours, debating what time to go in. Finally, around 3:00am, I woke my husband and we decided to go. At 3:30am, we arrived at the hospital. Since I was 4cm already earlier in the day, they admitted me without checking my cervix. When they did check a few minutes later, I was already at 8cm! The first thought I had was, "Oh no! I'm too late for an epidural!" The nice nurses said they couldn't promise me one, but they'd get the preparations ready. I think they knew I was too late but didn't want to stress out an 8cm pregnant lady. I never got my epidural. In the hospital, my contractions got really strong and painful. The nurses were trying to ask me admission questions in between contractions. (I even got the newly generated Ebola ones: "Have you travelled to West Africa in the last month?") I overheard the nurses say that they should call my doctor in, which I took as a good sign. My doctor showed up just before I started pushing, and 20 min later, a mere hour and nine minutes after I arrived, she showed up. Verona Lindy was born at 4:39am on 12/4/14, weighed 6lbs 13.8oz, and was 20 inches long. The moment she was born, I felt a huge relief from pain and a surprising amount of energy. I even immediately lost the nauseous feelings I'd been having for the last 33 weeks. However, I waited and waited to hear her cry, but she didn't cry for several minutes. The nurses took her to the side to rub her and assess her. They didn't seem super concerned, but it felt like an eternity before she emitted three soft whines. Later we found out that her Apgar score was 7 at one minute and 8 at five minutes, so apparently she was breathing ok even without the loud cries. Afterward, they let my husband hold her for a while, before he gave her to me. I was so happy to have her on the "outside" and in my arms at last. ======= VERONA LINDY We knew we wanted a unique name since both my husband and I have unique names too. His name is Wellington, which is the capital of New Zealand. A few years back, he had a lot of fun running around town taking pictures with the Wellington signs. We decided on Verona, which sounded like a pretty name for a girl. It's also the town where the story of Romeo and Juliet takes place, which is my favorite book to teach. Someday, we hope to take the family to Verona, Italy, so she can do the same thing as her dad. For the middle name, my mother in law's name is Linda, but in Chinese, it's pronounced Lin-dee. So we Americanized the spelling to name our daughter after her grandmother.
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  • Re: Did you upgrade your car?

    My 13 year old cr-v finally conked out on me this week, so we traded it in for a 2010 cr-v. Love the extra trunk space for the stroller!
  • Re: Scottsdale Osborn

    I went on tour of Osborn. There are 12 rooms which are all private.
  • Re: Hump Day/Bump Day

    27 weeks with my Maltese! @baolovesbaby Instagram
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  • Re: My Update - Wellbutrin Perscription

    I'm on Wellbutrin now and have been for many years. It will be just fine! Don't add on extra worry/guilt. :)