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     @do114 my HCG was 145 yesterday and my progesterone was 37.9, but I've also been taking progesterone since my IUI. 
    FX for you that your bean hangs on!!!

    @rooonilwaazlib I was pregnant in the spring after over 2 years of trying, but mc at 8 weeks. Just hoping this one sticks! 

    I go in tomorrow for follow up blood work so hopefully I see doubled numbers! 
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    So I tested again and it was definitely positive! I'm going for blood work today and Thursday to check if HCG and progesterone levels are increasing. I'm so nervous, I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it would be such a wonderful Christmas gift!
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    I tested yesterday (two weeks since my IUI) and think I got a faint positive. It was so light I could have imagined it. I'm testing again tomorrow to see if it's easier to read. FX!
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    dmo1371 said:
    @smittyswifey - I hope your IUI went well! 
    @jenrn1216 - I replied to you in the november IUI thread before I saw this. I don't know how big your 6 were so I can't really say if it's good. Ideally you wouldn't have that many when you do your IUI because you'd be at high risk for high order multiples. Hopefully you'll have a couple good sized ones and ovulate this time! 
    @lazyornghousecat - FX this is your cycle! I know a lot of REs will medicate you even if you have "normal" cycles to increase your odds. Would your insurance cover that if you were interested? Holy crap, that's a high deductible!
    @do114 - I'm glad you didn't have to wait a cycle to try again! I'm sorry again for your loss. 

    AFM, this will be our 5th IUI. I have my CD 12 u/s tomorrow to see how I'm responding. I have been feeling lots of twinges which is great (last cycle I didn't feel anything and didn't respond to my first dose). I usually don't ovulate until CD 18-22 with meds, but maybe I'll ovulate a little sooner this time. I'm trying to stay busy and not think too much about how frustrated I am with this process. 
    Thank you! Aside from the unfathomable awkwardness, my first IUI yesterday went as well as could be expected. We did a medicated cycle, I took 5 days of clomid and then triggered on CD12 with ovidrel. FX for you that 5 time's a charm!
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    I'm scheduled for my first IUI this morning. So nervous!