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    @sarcasticowl @prudence9-2 I am so sorry for your results. Nothing I can say will make it better, but know you both have a great support system here and when your time comes it will be the best moment ever. Hope you two stay strong through this low point and know we are all here for you!  

    Good of luck to everyone who has a BETA this week. I will be praying for you ladies. 

    AFM: I got  BFP from my beta today. Our doctor called and I will go back in two days to make sure it doubles, but she is very happy with our first beta number. 

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    @prudence9-2 I’m sorry, but hopefully it’s wrong. Fingers crossed for you!
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    @MamaK225- I can imagine not picking her up. Luckily mine is a peanut and she was 18 pounds at that time, but they told me to limit holding her ummm how?! Lol. 

    Our first was was a FET and the one we just transferred was from her batch. When is your BETA? I’m sorry this is your third attempt. Hopefully you get that BFP!  Does your place grade the embryos?  Ours does and this one is the same quality as our daughter was so I’m hoping and praying it takes like she did. 

    Thank you you everyone for the warm welcomes! Hope you all have a great weekend! 
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    @prudence9-2   I’m sure your counting down the days like I am!  Sticky vibes coming your way!  How are you feeling?

    I do crinone in the morning and PIO at night. I ice before injection and then heat after. I don’t bruise, just get the knots. One knot is about the size of a golf ball, but I keep thinking it will be worth it in the end! 

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    Hi ladies. New to this discussion, but not new to infertility. (2 failed IUI’s, 2 failed IVF’s, 1 successful IVF, 1 FET on 10/11...waiting on BETA, which is Monday). My doctor has be on PIO and my knots are horrible. After my husband gives me the shot he massages the area and then I immediately heat. I’ve been trying to heat the next day too, but it’s a lot easier said then done with an 8 month old crawling around. Does anyone have anything I can do to help with these knots? Thanks for the support everyone!!!