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  • Re: November Baby Birth Announcements

    And ass first out the sun roof it is .

    Following along our adapting birth plan fate a failed ECV we were to see a specalising breech birth team at another hospital (not all only 2 hospitals offer breech birth because of training) 
    This was scheduled for Monday.  We were sent for a split growth scan on Thursday (26th) to check AFL and placenta function 
    And we're booked to check growth the following Thursday 2nd 
    This scan showed not only a dramatic drop in AFL from 10 days earlier but a drop  below safe levels we were sent to the hospital and admitted booked for an elective c section on the emergancy listing 

    Tiny but mighty 
    At 3:19 a 2.54kg (5lb5oz) 49cm long uterine growth was surgically removed on friday 27th october
    A little girl
    She was breathing on her own but they did put her on oxygen for 15 min to assist she weighed just enough to stay out of special care 
    And did really well to stay out . Monitored close for the first 24hrs she checked all the boxes including maintaining her own temp 

    She had a small placenta and basically no fluid left 


     not a November bub . But grandma said she can have her great grandmother's opals 
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  • Re: HDBD 10/18/17

    A week late as I some how couldn't comment with a glitch app

    But my beautiful sister in law (who's a family and newborn photographer) took these 
  • Re: Flipping baby

    Growth and wellbeing scan today
    And bub is still breech.
    Also stubborn and lazy and not moving a lot . They made me go have lunch to get them to perk up and move as a leg was obstructing some measurements . They did move. A little so the measurements could get taken .
    Generally measuring in 22nd centile and an estimated 2.7kg

    Everything seemed fine baby is just being lazy and not turning .... 
  • Re: FTM Check-in - 10/16

    1) How far along are you?
    2) Any appointments this week or last week? How did it go? baby is breech. We have ultrasound today to check positioning and appointment tomorrow with midwife to discuss it .
    3) Cravings/symptoms? 
    My ankles ache at the end of the day and often I wake up with sore hips and shoulders from side sleeping. 
    Other than being tired not too bad
    4) Rants/raves/concerns?
    I'm starting to stress about running out of time to get everything ready and to turn bub. 
    I'm starting to feel like I'm losing control of this experience or  control on how I'll cope with it 
    There's a lot going on all at the same time and doesn't seem to be a point of constant 
    I think I'm most anxious about, no matter what ,in a few weeks there's going to be a little baby here and it still baffles me 
    5) Anything else you want to add/ask?
    6) GTKY: Are you planning to bring music / a playlist / anything to listen to during labor? If so, what kind of music or content? yes absolutely we live by music. 
    We have a selection of gentler folk and pagan metal . And kind of new folk music as well as our hypnosis tracks . Anything we have that's enjoyable assn ambiance to listen to and nothing that irritates me.
    We put music on before bed a fair bit and so most of that will be available to put on
  • Re: FTM Check-in - 10/16

    Totally feeling the pending mum anxiety. 
    It's quite intimidating