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    dpjennifer im sure there are books out there... i know theres a couple women on insta who have turned their TTC pages into what they are doing now theyve given up... like how they have gotten on with life and lots of bitter snark about it, but honestly with wit and humor over one of lifes biggest tragedies... i appreciate the honesty. I saw a kindle book a while back about moving on, but i havent read it (im saving it for when i am ready to move on).

    holly321 its SO like that... raring to go and chomping at the bit for how long you are benched then... uuuhhh wait... im almost off the bench. Then the anxiety of another possible pg sets in. Im there with you!

    Spylon  its hard to not eat cake around valentines! All of last week was a dietary shit show for me and it was wonderful. Back on the wagon this week, but sometimes you just gotta wallow in the cake :)
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    ndz2018 said:
    @dragonette505 I got lots of pictures of the surgery and I suppose From the pics when he was done cutting every thing looks good.  I trust him, this is the only thing he does for RMANJ, just surgeries. He is the kindest, nicest person too! LOVE HIM! 
    yeah.. i have the pics too! I mean... im no doc, but it looked good i guess! lol. My RE wants to see how i healed...check for scar tissue and whatnot :) She said she also saw the pics but wants to make sure i healed up right
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    @ndz2018lol... i'll take the pain just to get to the cycle! It may be that your surgeon cleared you through... My surgeon told me before my surgery that she would let my RE decide if she (the surgeon) should do the sono or if my RE wanted to do it herself... turns out my lady wants to use/trust her own eyeballs. Did they do any kind of sono when they released you?
    yes, it will be soooo nice to be off hormones for a month!
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    dpjennifer yeah... or it seems like EVERYONE and their mother is talking about their "IVF Journy" (on tv, magazines, talk shows, etc) everyone wants to talk about it NOW, plus they also waited till they got their babies.

    ChloandCoco yeah.... it almost doesnt seem like a struggle since its all day every day and no let up and im kinda used to it. Actually, if my ute looks good, DH and i will be trying naturally this cycle (cant hurt) so I'll be charting and OPKing and etc so that should keep me super involved! :)
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    ndz2018 I did some googling and saw that as well... it makes sense....(not be be tmi, but... there is bound to be more clotting and more stuff in general that is still being cleared from the surgery, plus that estrogen was meant to build up a fat lining... ) ugh... mega cramps here we come!

    RVAmom315 yeah, i saw where you said you dont have a beta scheduled? So i guess you could just wait till what would normally be your beta day and test (since that should be legit). I agree with @emmasemm that if you test now you might feel conflicted. My problem with my FET (tw ended in mc) was that i never got a negative. Basically by the time the trigger was gone, i was making my own HCG. BUT, the way to really know is a CBE digi. I took a CBE digi day before beta and it was negative, then day of beta, +. I knew by then a digi wouldnt be picking up the scraps of my trigger (especially after a neg the day before )

    @lurvleybunchococonuts ; Im not so bad today, but yesterday i was rekd! Couldnt wear contacts because my head was so bad. No issues today (just a very mild headache, but nothing to complain about). Ive not taken letrozole before, but ive heard lots of ppl say it made them feel bad.

    50Wife    once you get into the swing of IVF, it totally feel bizarre to not use protection (cause who wants to have unprotected sex when you are developing 18-19 eggs???? eeek!) I'm so hoping im lucky like you and @ndz2018 and get my AF super fast... knowing me though :/ I'll be waiting forever :/