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    dmack911 said:
    dmack911 said:
    Is it better to seat them in the middle or on the side? I just assumed the middle was safer in case you were t-boned by another car on either side. I have a mid-sized SUV. 
    I thought so too. Until I had the authorities check my car seat. They said 90% of accidents happen from the passenger side. They wanted to out the car seat on the side. I didn't have the "latch" indicators on my car for the center. I still wanted it to be in the center. So, they had to use the cross body belt. The next day I drove to my mothers which is 25 mins away. By the time I got there my car seat was practically leaning sideways. I was freaking out. I showed my parents too. I then redid my car seat and put it back the way I had it, which was using both the latch and cross body belt. It's just more secure that way.
    No, you need to use latch or the vehicle belt to install. Not both. Your car seat manual will clearly tell you this. It has not been tested this way and is not safe. 
    Well, I have had it like this for 11mos now. We have had no problems. Soon she will be in a convertible car seat and that will be placed on either side so that latch will only be used. Like I said previously.... The police station redid my car seat with just the crossbody seatbelt and i drove 20 miles to my parents and when I got there the car seat was almost laying on its side in the back seat with my daughter in the car seat. Because of the crossbody belt (the over the shoulder part) was lifting the one side of the car seat right off the seat itself. If I use the latch as well it anchors it down so it can not lift. So... it works for us. 

    I always see responses like this on these boards. Facts are presented, and people respond with attitude. You are being told that what you are doing isn't safe (this is proven if you do some research/reading) and there's an easy fix but instead of taking this advice, you get defensive and say "I've been doing this for 11 months, it works for us". That's just a ridiculous response.

    The police station obviously installed the seat wrong. FWIW, I use the seat belt for both my kids. One is forward facing and one is rear facing. When installed properly, those seats don't move at all.

    Stop being stubborn for the sake of your kids and use one or the other. It's pretty easy.

    All I want to know is what I originally asked at the beginning of this forum,  not if I installed the car seat properly. The comments are off subject. Also, I don' t have an attitude. All i said was what I was doing worked for us. That's it. If you think its wrong then that's what you think.  
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    My son is 7 months old and won't eat solids. We have been trying for a month. At first he just gagged and threw up every time we tried. He now swallows better but just won't open to eat. He will grab the spoon and bring it to his mouth when he wants a bite and he will grab the spoon and push it away when he doesn't want any. The latter happens the most often. I'm not sure what to do. I have tried purees and soft chunks of avacado and cooked carrot. Any suggestions?
    What do you feed him? Did you start on cereal? Butternut squash and acorn squash is a big hit in my house. Bananas too. She had to get used to eating apples, and all the veggies. I was also told to try to mix some BM/Formula into the food. 
  • IN LAWS!!!!!!!!!!

    This is my story:

    I have my husbands grandmother and aunt living in my 3 bedroom house. All the rooms are filled. I thought that if I was to get pregnant they would move out. WELL.....according to my husband financially we can not have them move out. So, 2 grown women sharing a room who doesn't do a damn thing to help out around the house!!!! I am furious at this! I don't want them living in my house when I have a baby. To smothering. Don't tell me what to do... I am the mother! Does anybody else deal with this? I mean if his grandmother was sweet and caring and wanted to help. She's not... she's an instigator. starts trouble. comments without even saying anything. sneaky. liar.  I am so upset about this!