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  • Re: Product Spotlight: Diaper Bags! Week of 1/15

    • Favorite [diaper bag]: None. I honestly have tried 3 different diaper bags and always reverted back to a normal backpack. The one below, to be exact. It has been a well loved member of our family the past couple of years, lol. 
    • Link/picture:

    • What you like about it: It actually fits everything and is easier to handle than a big, stiff diaper bag. 
    • What you don't like about it, if anything: Obviously less pockets than desired, but there's so many ways to overcome that.
    • Is there a [diaper bag] you've tried that you absolutely hate? Why?: I used the Danzo Baby Hobo for a while thinking it would be perfect for a Type A person. I was sooo wrong. Pockets are way too small and stiff, and the side zippers wear down super fast which just leaves the bag hanging open. 
    • Additional thoughts on [diaper bags]?: CARABINERS!!!! Get them, attach them, love them. They make life so much easier, and you don't know what you've been missing all this time until you start using them. I usually have a few on the bag handle at all times. 
  • Re: Questions w/o 1/15

    @MrsMiller8588 Fun, right? It's awful, but totally normal. Our bodies produce a hormone that helps loosen up the ligaments so they can stretch as our belly grows, but when that round ligament tightens too quickly (like during a sneeze) it literally acts like rubber band snap. I was terrified when they started with my first pregnancy. I've learned to just flex my stomach and hip flexors before I do, well, pretty much anything lol. @nimmle Thats cute. My husband pretty much just looks at me like I'm crazy. 

    About those dreams. Yeah, those totally suck. I usually just go to the bathroom to prove to myself that there's no blood, so nothing to indicate anything is wrong, then distract myself with HAPPY baby things, like organizing my baby to do list or checking in on the Bump. Wish I had better advice for you :( 
  • Re: Treat Yo' Self 2018

    These all sounds so relaxing and magical! @flockofmoosen3 Yes. That ABSOLUTELY counts. Also, your DDs reaction is hilarious. 

    For me it's morning meditation, and taking the time to make real cups of tea throughout the day. 
  • Re: GTKY: Wedding/formal addition

    This is a really fun GTKY, and oh man, you all look amazing! A big congrats to you all, whether it's been 1 or 10+ years. One love, baby! 

    Here's a couple of our pics. I've yet to see any formal pics, so you better bet I'm going to go there, High School embarrassment and all. Flashing back to winter formal (our first date), prom, and a year later to wedding. 
    *On mobile, so sorry if they're massive*

  • Re: Weekend Randoms 1/12-1/14

    @hayhay93 Just wanted to pop and say that you are one tough lady and an amazing mother to be making those tough decisions for a healthier you and baby. Be proud of yourself. You are amazing. 

    @TheQuietThings That is hilarious. Kids are the best.