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  • I did half an avocado for dinner.  I left the seed in the other half, wrapped it in saran wrap, and then put it in a baggie in the fridge.  Not sure if the baggie was needed but the next night the brown stuff was pretty minimal on it.  The brown won…
  • I started using the one in Reston just after my son turned 6 weeks and I've never had any problems and always liked the staff.  I know people that have used the child care in Chantilly and liked them as well.
  • Thanks ladies.  He's flying on our laps so we'll just bring the letter & shots record.
  • We used Adoptions Together in Herndon for our home study.  I loved our social worker and I think they have a few on staff.  AT was really on the ball through the whole process.  We only used them for our home study and adopted through a national age…
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  • That would be amazing if you could send me your guidelines.  I have an older profile that was sent to me as an example but some guidelines would be a great help.  Thank you!
  • *Willis*: Did you do the fingerprints by card or electronically?  We did ours electronically through a local live scan office.  It's my understanding this is much faster.  Is this an option where you live? It was an electronic scan of our fing…
  • ahenecke at gmail dot com Thanks!
  • Man, I wish I was home study ready but we just turned in out paperwork so it will be a few months before it's finalized.
  • That really sucks, I can't stand mean people like that.  I happened to have received your list (didn't know it was from you) and while I haven't gone through it yet I am greatly appreciative of having it.  I've been pretty overwhelmed with the thoug…
  • It sounds like a cyst, I had them on one side and felt the pain when they burst.  You should call your doctor and have them do an ultrasound to confirm.  There really wasn't anything to do to help the pain but it does eventually go away.
  • We're using a different agency for our home study than the agency doing our adoption since our agency isn't licensed in our state.  They did have a stipulation that only a licensed adoption agency could do the home study. 
  • Can you add me to the homestudy/profile section?  Thanks!
  • I'm leaning pretty heavily towards signing with American Adoptions.  I've had quite a few conversations with them so far and they've been fantastic. Jacksjerseygirl sent me a good recommendation about them and I also have a friend of a friend tha…