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  • College my husband and I work for sent us a letter congratulating us with a kids t-shirt of the college and in the letter said they are holding a spot in the class of 2035....that made me feel old.    
  • my little girl did so good during her ultrasound today. the only time she got upset was for a second when i had to hold her legs straight. The dr should have the results in the next 24 hours but the tech did give me some hope when she said it looks …
  • Thanks ladies! I'm really hoping its nothing. I mean I had one for 28 years and didn't know about it until 2 weeks ago lol 
  • kelly422: Yep, I used Shutterfly - had a coupon!   what kinda coupon did you have? I got one in the mail for 100 free prints. the coupon has pictures of birth announcements but the fine print made it sound like you couldnt use it for that 
  • kelly422: Yep, I used Shutterfly - had a coupon!   what kinda coupon did you have? I got one in the mail for 100 free prints. the coupon has pictures of birth announcements but the fine print made it sound like you couldnt use it for that 
  • When I went to speak with the church I was nervous. I received all the sacrements but have not been to church in a while and my dh grew up catholic but currently doesn't follow. when we got married it wasn't in a church either. I was worried that th…
  • Abigail is 2 weeks 2 days old today. we are currently doing tummy time with daddy and lifting our head like a pro! i swear if this kid had any upper body strength she would be crawling those back legs already know the movement lol. we are looking fo…
  • we only recently started tummy time with Abigail. im basically putting her down and letting her go as long as she wants (usually around 10 minutes) then she gets a little fussy 
  • so my friend just sent me one thats offering a June babies deal its $175 and you get a 1-2 hour session, 20-25 photos, cd of the photos with printing rights and $50 photo credit.    Think thats worth it?
  • If thats the case im in early labor every night....I have a lot of hip pain but my doctor told me its comes with the end of pregnancy territory 
  • I plan on taking dh to dinner since i have to work that day. but i also bought him a t-shirt that says D.A.D.D. DADS AGAINST DAUGHTERS DATING
  • My sugar numbers are driving me crazy!!! Last night we got a meat lovers pizza for dinner. I ate two slices and after an hour my sugar was 118. I just ate another two pieces for lunch today and my sugar was 198....wth!
  • I haven't delivered yet but, I do have a list of food i intend to eat once im given the all clear lol some of the items include: potatoes - in various forms   cake Dr. Pepper Pasta  
  • kristinrae914: And on a semi-related note, my 4th grader had a note come home saying the MIO energy drink packets that you add to water are banned. shitz.  Who thinks it's a good idea to send a 4th grader to school with an energy drink.…
  • heavenpaige: Honestly just tell your delivery nurses that you don't want visitors in your room til your transferred to postpartum rooms. If your mom does show up, she will have to stay in the waiting room but won't be in your room til you say it's …
  • Thanks for the info!
  • Its sucks you have to deal with a crappy neighbor. I can totally relate though. Before dh and I bought our house we lived in a condo on a 3rd floor. my neighbors were horrible...the people on the 2nd floor would make up stories and complain about ev…
  • Ilovebeingamom: I know it sounds weird, but I heard vodka! Your house smells like you're an alcoholic for about 2 hours but then there is no smell... This is just what I've heard. I haven't had to try it yet.   dont think hubby will like me if …
  • Thanks! I'll look into natures miracle :-)
  • I want cake and cupcakes! but with the GD I know I cant have them :-(    I was very excited yesterday I cheated with a kids size frozen vanilla custard from ritas with peanut butter sauce and reeses pieces (attempting to make a friendlys sundae) a…
  • buy powerball tickets!
  • Many T&P are with you and your family. hopefully the tumor is benign.    My dog got into an accident and lost her right front leg and its amazing how fast they can get back on there feet (no pun intended). my baby had her leg amputated when sh…
  • i have had a few funny things that made me cry.... the panini maker at work ruined my low carb wheat bread. my coworker jokingly called me a bad oven opener, my cat ate canned food and promptly threw it up i felt bad she didnt keep it down caus…
  • I would definitely check with your doctor. I have no experience with bed rest but I would assume no sex. Isn't bed rest is suppose to keep you from moving around to much?
  • mostly I check the labels before I eat. but I do use the app myfitnesspal to track my food. 
  • eggplant parmesan yummy!!
  • 120 or a little over is pretty good. I've been trying different combos also mostly breakfast and my highs are in the 140s
  • Went to a health fair at work they did glucose and my level was 81. I took my sugar on my meter about 10 minutes later and it was 107. WTH!
  • Put tin foil over the mattress now before baby comes. If the cat jumps in the crib he will not like the foil and learn not to go there....this has worked great with my cats.
  • brandilc84: Some people just do it a little differently. Maybe you will go into labor on your own before 40 weeks. Ya never kn
  • Welcome to the club! It's different for everyone with what will cause your sugar to spike i cant have milk or to many carbs in the morning so i mostly eat eggs with sausage and ham. I also eat a lot of cheese and peanut butter for snacks and sweet p…
  • If I have to get fast food ill get KFC 10 chicken bites and green beans or subway I can get a footlong Italian bmt on wheat scooped bread and double meat with veggies and it won't affect my sugar
  • baked tyson chicken nuggets, eddemame (sp?), jello and string cheese 
  • flerlgirl: It varies. Some of us will be right on time. Some of us were 14 weeks early. That made m
  • how can you tell if its a blod clot? 
  • My kitties following me around the house, I'm feeling much better then I did yesterday from this cold, and the news they may have caught the sob who bombed the marathon
  • It doesn't get better as they get older either. I used to work in customer service for a bank...I had many parents call for their kids ages between 20 and one was 39 and try to tell me how they are just children and shouldn't be held responsible fo…
  • Are you on meds or just diet? I had one breakfast where my sugar was 171 and then 1 and a half hours later dropped to 70 my doc said for one bad number they won't put me on insulin
  • Scrambled eggs and maple sausage