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  • You two are right. Should of proof read before posting. When I wrote start solids, I meant introduce solids. I plan on making LO's food. My mother keeps wanting to feed him purees but I keep telling her no to wait till I get the okay by the pedi.
  • I second the velveteen rabbit. I also loved Angelina ballerina. And Clifford series, I even had a red stuffed dog as a little girl.
  • Your LO sounds just like mine. I switched from newborn, to infant, then to gentlease because he was spitting up so much on infant. Instead of being constipated, he has typically 3 poopy diapers a day and he's now EF. I've thought about switchin…
  • I've been with DH for 10 years. In the time I've known my MIL, she has unsuccessfully tried quitting 5 times. She'll last for a few months when she quits but always goes back. Thankfully she doesn't smell like it when she is around LO. It's diff…
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  • L hated swaddling at first. For a couple of days around 6 weeks he was fighting sleep at night so I tried the swaddle. That's the only way to get him to STTN. So to answer your question, L was kind of hated the swaddle.
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  • My mother in law did an excellent job. It was baseball themed and no games as requested.
  • Once LO starts moving around in your stomach, that feeling of how much you love this human being you just created and the connection that only you and LO can ever have.
  • Blue and grey with a touch if baseball.
  • To St Louis to hang out with college friend who also recently had a baby.
  • My biggest craving while I was pregnant was cereal. Mostly cinnamon life.
  • I also have the jeep liberty stroller. I got it from babies'r'us using price match. I haven't tried jogging with it yet but its been great so far. My mother loved the large amount of storage room especially when we went shopping.
  • DH picked out my bling. He knew I wanted princess cut diamond and white gold. Wasn't exactly expecting a proposal since we were still student teaching but he surprised me with a platinum princess cut diamond set in a Tiffany band. Nothing like I was…
  • I forget the shampoo my pedi recommended but she gave me a script for hydrocortisone and a sample of triple cream. So far we've only used triple cream but L's head is looking much better.
  • I'm with Dakota. L will give us 7 to 8 hour stretches when swaddled. For my sanity and patience for my students, I cannot wake up at 3 am. I've started at 8 getting L ready for bed but he will not fall asleep till 930 or later. Plus I am coaching …
  • L had his on Tuesday. At birth 7 lbs 9 oz, 19 inch long. Two month check up, 11lbs 24 inch long. Long and lean like mom. He's almost out of three month clothing for length. He still fits into his newborn onesies. My husband was on the side watchi…
  • What blanket did you use? I believe we use the miracle blanket and love it. I can usually get 78 hour stretches from L.
  • I use Mustela. I received it as a shower gift. I like it but may switch once its gone. It could be cause I'm from the Midwest or our humidifier broke but L's is super dry.
  • L also spits up a ton. He goes in phases. I was also worried about it but my pedi did not seem concerned. They're stomachs are tiny and still learning to process everything. My pedi's advice was to invest in a lot of burp cloths, bibs, and clothes.
  • I was just thinking of this the other day. I do miss being pregnant. I had a very easy pregnancy and have a feeling the next will not go as smoothly. Can but can't wait for number 2.
  • 1. Milestone: L has been sleeping minimum 5 hours each night. Thank you Miracle Blanket. L hated to be swaddled but since I've gone back to work, we needed to do something to sleep more than 3 hours if I was going to survive. Challenge: nursing and …
  • My mother watches L 3 days a week and he goes to an in home day care 2 days a week. I went back after 6 weeks. I was going stir crazy at home. Too cold for outside and I'm not a huge fan of the mall. L also was not interacting with us yet which …
  • I starters using the Miracle Blanket to swaddle L. DH and I joke about it and call it the straight jacket. It's been great for getting L to sleep more than 6 hours. Some days he's a bit sweaty but others he's not. Like pp mentioned, his head isn't s…
  • Thanks for all the suggestions! Wasn't sure if you could put normal baby lotion on their face. I've tried BM in the past and it hasn't worked. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow. I'll probably try the aquaphor and put a call into the pedi on…
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  • No suggestions just sympathy. I felt one coming on at work and didn't have my pump with me. LO is nursing now and hopefully it will go away. Good luck! Hope you find something that works.
  • Buttons. I agree with Mittens on the washing. It gets wavy/bunchy and does not lay right. It bothers me.
  • Western Suburbs of Chicago. StephI'm also a cubs fan: born and raised. I would be disowned by my brother and father if I cheered for the sox.
  • I had huggies, luvs, pampers swaddlers and some generic. Huggies and luvs both leaked. The hospital used pampers swaddlers and that's what we've stuck with. It has not leaked for me and fits LO well. I like that swaddlers had a line on it to let yo…
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  • I live in the Midwest and my house needs new windows. It gets drafty. I usually dress LO in a sleeper gown with mittens and swaddle his lower half so his legs don't get cold. No onesie underneath.
  • Still in NB and probably will be for a few more weeks. DS will be 4 weeks on Christmas. At two week appt, DS was 8 lb 2oz. 1's are huge on him and usually leaks out of then when we've put them on him. My coworkers were making fun of how skinny his…
  • I second the Chico Keyfit 30. Once we got help from the police station for the base, its pretty easy to put in. The keyfit also fits perfectly with my jeep stroller. There was a lap cover that came with the carseat but I haven't tried it yet. …
  • sugar2515: I also miss my stomach.I do appreciate my postpregnancy boobs...first time in my life I've ever had cleavage without the help of padding!nbsp; I'm with you!!! I hate the pooch. Can't wait to get cleared to work out. But I lov…
  • DS has been doing this since my milk came in. He's 17 days now. I tried different nursing positions, a few different bottles but no matter what, he spits up. Nothing seemed to help decrease it. Pedi was not worried since he's gaining weight and sti…
  • I'm headed back Jan 7th, the start of 2nd semester. I am a high school teacher and will be coaching in the spring. I'm leaving LO at 6 weeks but my mother will be watching him. I figured it will be an easier transition to start back when I have not…
  • My doctor does not do 1 month. LO will get his shots 2nd month. A friend gave me advice for when her kids had to get vaccines. It worked well when we had to take a 3 day bandaid that was stuck on LO from the hospital. Anyways, she suggested nurs…
  • FTM. Original due date: 12/1. At 12 week ultra sound he was measuring a week and a half ahead of schedule. Moved me up to 11/24. I was induced and had LO on 11/27.
  • 1. Name/LO's name or nn:  mom- Kelly  LO- Landon 2. How old is LO? Any other kids? (If you have older children, was your BF/FF/Pumping experience similar to this time?)LO is a week old today.  FTM here 3. How long have you been pumping for? Do…
  • What I've been picking up from all the postings on the boards, when in doubt, call the doctor. A phone call can always give you reassurance/ piece of mind.
  • Hope everything goes well and for a safe delivery of your baby
  • Congrats momma! And welcome Aidan!