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  • thanks for the replies!!  i'm relieved that this seems quite normal for this time of the year and i'm not alone.  poor little ones just seem to have such a hard time when their noses get plugged up.  i have tried using the suction thingy (hydrasense…
  • From the information I received from my midwife - those are great numbers and considered "negative" results.  I wouldn't do the amnio if i received those figures.   But as previous posters have replied - it's a very personal decision.  Best wishes i…
  • Thanks for the responses!!  Much appreciated.  Makes me feel better that your doctor actually prescribed you 1% knowing you were pregnant.  And I will definitely check out that Aveeno cooling cream - great suggestion.
  • totally in the same boat! ... meats, poultry and seafood are totally grossing me out ... i'm trying to eat eggs to compensate, but can barely stomach eggs either.  Actually most food is grossing me out these days.  I can really only stomach fruits, …
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  • Yeah!  Congrats!  I have my first U/S appointment in about 1.5 hours ... super nervous and excited.  I really hope everything goes as well for me too!  But this full bladder business is killing me ... how did you deal with not peeing for 2 hours wit…
  • I'm around the same place -- towards the end of my 6th week.  Yup ... feeling all of those things too (except the Surimi craving ... dunno what that is).  In fact, I'm not having any food cravings, I'm actually quite turned off by all food at the mo…
  • Great info!  Thanks ladies!  Great to have forums like these to quell our concerns.  I won't lose sleep over it.  I don't always crave peanut butter, but a good PBJ certainly does the trick sometimes!    
  • Would recommend The Pregnancy Bible!
  • I'm right there with you ... eating all day long ... usually chomping on mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.) or fruit ... I've also been going through a lot of yogurt these days - tasty, filling and healthy!  Although I really like the frozen grape …
  • I really like The Pregnancy Bible. It has the week by week and also has useful checklists (e.g., preparing for labour, the nursery, etc.) it also has information about post-birth and what to do with a newborn! Haha
  • So weird!  I didn't put 2 and 2 together!  I was getting super itchy too, but just attributed it to dry skin and the cold weather.  Interesting that it might be linked to being preggers!  I wonder why?  
  • I'm almost the same as you - will be six weeks this Sunday!  Very exciting!  I have the same cramping feeling in my lady parts.  Apparently quite normal to have throughout the pregnancy.  who knew? I'm surprised you had an ultrasound already!  I …
  • I'm not really sure what I should be looking out for either.  I feel queasy from time to time (but my best friend says "you'll know when it's morning sickness").  I also feel like my symptoms haven't hit too hard yet and they kind of come and go.  I…
  • Always cold too!  So weird ... aren't we supposed to be running hotter? haha
  • Thanks for all the replies!  Reassuring to know that there are other active moms-to-be out there!!  I'm definitely not diving for balls and am quite careful on the court.  I'll likely ease up or stop altogether when i actually start growing a belly …