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So, I have never posted on a forum before but I need some help with a little project I am working on and have been advised to try here. As a mum of 2 beautiful girls, I have changed many nappies and when at home (mostly in winter), I would change the girls using a warm flannel, because I'm sure it would be more comfortable then a cold wipe. Not think to much about it at the time i would always say, 'i wish someone would invent warm wipes'.  So I have decided to explore the realm of 'Warm Wipes'. I have found many pros and cons, and realise the product may not be a necessity here in Australia, but it may be a help when it comes to change time, especially with new borns.  Please tell me your thoughts, or if you have been using one that is already on the market what did you think?  My idea is basic, without using electricity I would create Thermos like canister, which would enclose the wipes.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to tell me what you think. 


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