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Spring/Woodlands Pedi Recs

I am starting the hunt for a pedi for Madeline and would like some recommendations for the Spring/Woodlands area please! TIA.

Re: Spring/Woodlands Pedi Recs

  • I am usually just a lurker, as my DH and I are just thinking about TTC, but my sister lives in The Woodlands and has an 11 month old.  She uses Dr. Bhakta (I don't know who he is with), but she loves him.  She has loved him from the first visit with Sadie and says one of her favorite things is that she never feels stupid asking him questions being a first time mom.

    A good friend of mine for college is also a pedi with Baylor College of Medicine in Spring...if you want her info just email me at amyleighanndpm at yahoo.com.

  • We use Hometown Pediatrics on Lake Front Circle at the front of The Woodlands and have been pleased with them.  You can check out the practice online:



  • We go to Dr. Bernadette Haggerty @ Texas Children's Peditarics. She is the best pedi that we have ever been to. DS has ADHD and she is incredibly helpful and stays to talk to us even after the office is closed. They are across the street from Memorial Herman on Medical Drive. 281-296-9119
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  • We go to Dr. Bernadette Haggerty also. She takes her time and really listens to your concerns.
  • Forest Pediatrics on 242 near College Park High School. We see Dr. Fershtman primarily, but Dr. Elahee his partner is good too.


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