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Ob/Gyns in Hollywood or W. Hollywood area?

Anyone out there know of a good Dr.? I really need to find on in my area or surrounding areas.

Re: Ob/Gyns in Hollywood or W. Hollywood area?

  • Have you gone to Cedars Sanai? 
  • I go to Cedars and I've been really happy there. It's a medical group and my main doctor is Dr. Mae Ushigome who is really great. They also have Dr. Lee (can't remember her first name) who I only saw once but really liked as well. HTH.
  • My doctor is also at Cedars, however he doesn't belong to the group so your pretty much guaranteed that he or his partner will be your doc.  :)  Dr.  Klein, I had him for my first, he is the FIRST doctor I have ever connected with. If nothing else, you should meet him.  His office is off on Wilshire.  Pregnancy brain is getting to me right now but i want to say his first name is david. 

    Good luck!

  • This is way late but just in case anyone else wants the same info...

    I will deliver at Cedars as well.  I go to Dr. Peyman Banooni. You can google him and find his website. He is in a small group and delivers something like 95% of his own patients.  He's really laid back and has an open mind about how the birth process should go - meaning he basically told me that as long as everything is going ok during labor and delivery, we'll do what ever I want with respect to interventions etc.  I would recommend.

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