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Super Suppers, Dream Dinners or the like?

Are they any places to pick-up pre-made frozen meals in SD?  A friend of a friend lost her baby at 38 weeks (so sad!) and she'd like to arrange some frozen meals for her and her DH for when they get home from the hospital.


Re: Super Suppers, Dream Dinners or the like?

  • I will get back to you brain fart on the name, and i go once a month! Great deals, and im sure they will cut you a deal if you tell them why your doing it. Promise, check back tomorrow.
  • I've heard of a bunch of places like this. Dinner Studio in Tierrasanta is one in particular that several of my co-workers have gone to and really love.

    There is also some internet based businesses like this that deliver: DineWise, Home Bistro, and Impromptu Gourmet.

    Unfortunately, I can't give you any personal recommendations, because I've never tried them. Although, I really should.

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