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Bridesmaid Dress Question!!!

My due date is 8/23.  I'm the matron of honor in my bf's wedding on 7/11.  I have no clue as to how to figure out what size to order and when!!!!

It doesn't help that I know all women look different at different stages and I know my boobs are going to be humongous (sp)!!

What should I do?!  I don't want to wait too long, but I don't want to jump the gun...

I was thinking an empire waisted dress from David's Bridal with a shawl that can be used for extra fabric... and maybe order extra big??  But when?  And how much extra big?

Re: Bridesmaid Dress Question!!!

  • I was due in november and was in a wedding in July- 23 weeks I think...I was a size 6 AnnTaylor and just fit into a 12 Ann Taylor dress and had only gained 16 lbs at the time. I only gained 25 pounds the entire preg so wasn't that big...order big! You can always go down.
  • I had a friend who just did this. She asked at the dress place and they were a huge help I am sure they have had for find the right dress size for people who are pregnant before. Empire waist dresses are always easier to fit over a belly so that might be a good choice if you can choose. In the end just buy bigger you can always have it taken in. I think she wrote a 10 and got a 14 in her dress. She was 8 months along at the time.

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  • I was in my brother's wedding six weeks before the baby was born.  I got an empire waist dress that was two sizes larger than my normal.  A week before the wedding I had the top taken in to fit my bust and the rest was fine.  Two sizes up was plenty to work with, by that point I had gained around 18 pounds.  Be sure to find a tailor who is willing to work in a short time frame.
  • I actually own a bridal shop, so I can definitely help you!  If your best friend doesn't mind you wearing a different style than the other bridesmaid's dresses, I would suggest a maternity style.  There are some really cute ones out there.  Look at for some ideas.  Another brand that my store carries with cute maternity separates (you can order different sizes for tops and bottoms if you're worried about the boobage!).  That link is  If she would really like you to order the same style as the other girls, it should more than likely be able to to be altered to fit you by adding gussetts with extra fabric.  Sorry, but you will probably need more than just the shawl since shawls are usually cut on the bias, and won't lay the same way as the rest of the material on the dress.  Please feel free to email me at [email protected], and I would be happy to answer any questions about any specific styles you're looking at. last bit of advice.  Don't get your dress altered until about two weeks before the wedding!  You probably need to order pretty soon for a July wedding!
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