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Huntington Hospital (Pasadena)OB/GYN or Pedi recs?

Looking for recommendations for an OB/GYN and/or Pediatrician at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.

We're relocating to the area from the east coast and I'd love to have a referral to someone good, rather than simply picking a name off a list :)



Re: Huntington Hospital (Pasadena)OB/GYN or Pedi recs?

  • I couldn't tell you a doctor referral... but I will tell you that I AM SO JEALOUS!

    Huntington is a BEAUTIFUL hospital!

    I've had friends stay there while recovering from various mishaps, and they say it is like staying in a hotel.

    Whenever we drive by it, I say that I want to have my baby there :)


    *my own hospital is also very nice, but Huntington is just that little something extra.?

  • I'm delivering at Huntington in Pasadena...due Dec. 17th. My Dr's name is Beth Julian-Wang and I've been very happy having her as my OB/GYN. Her office is just down the street from the hospital. I actually live in Burbank and always thought I would find my OB here, but was pleased to find Dr. Julian-Wang instead.
    Here's the number if you're interested...626.795.5848
    She's very easy to talk to, easy-going and most office visits I've had - I'm in and out of the office.  The hospital is awesome! We had our maternity tour and my husband and I are finishing up our classes this month. We're very anxious to meet our little one in a few wks! Oh yes, I've talked to quite a few people who have delivered there and said they'd had such a great experience. Hope this info helps you out!

  • I'm so excited to hear that Dr. Beth Julian-Wang is your OB/GYN too!  I love her.  I've been seeing her for a couple of years now.  I'm pregnant with my first and hope to be delivering at Huntington too.


    Several of my friends have delivered is like a hotel!  And everyone is so nice there. 

  • Jody....
    I went through 3 Dr's in 4-5 yrs time before finding Dr. Julian-Wang...she's been so great! Definitely has been worth finding a really good doctor even though it means extra travel time.

    I had the same thoughts about Huntington as you did as far as it being like a hotel. I read in the tour info packet we have that there is actually a small hotel in the hospital for relatives to stay in if they ever needed to. I've heard so many good things - now I'm anxious to deliver there and experience/find out for myself how everything is! : )



  • OMG, THANK YOU!!! You two have made my day (Jodi, I just got your PM today - sorry for the delay in saying a huge thank you for the note!)  I am so, so, so happy to have this referral - it's scary moving 3,000 miles away and choosing a doctor and hospital blindly - and the idea of having to start with a new doctor at 30wks pg was freaking me out!  Your great recs have seriously helped me more than  you'll know :)

    Wishing you both the very best during your labor and deliveries and am excited for you to meet your little ones - it's such an amazing experience!  Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

    THANKS again!!!!!!! 

  • NO problem, Horray2005!

    Good luck with the move, settling in and changes, etc! I totally understand about moving from afar - my husband and I moved here 7 yrs ago from MI & all our family is still back there. We've found our little "community" and are very content here. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for you and your family!

    Take care and safe travels!

  • No problem, Hooray2005!


    Keep us up to date when you move and settle-in.  Happy to give you non-baby recommendations for the Pasadena area too!



  • Crap!  She doesn't take my insurance... I guess at the very least I can ask her for a referral to someone good who does :(  Phoey!

    Darn Cigna HMO!

  • Coming in late but both my SILs used Dr. Jick in Pasadena, he works out of Huntington. I highly recommend Dr. Morrison/ Dr. Fong in Arcadia...10 minutes away from Pasadena but they only deliver at Arcadia Methodist.
  • Initially we wanted to deliver at Huntington but insurance has approved us at Methodist (in Arcadia). We could not be more comfortable and happier with that choice. If you've been approved to deliver at Huntington by all means do so but if you have the opportunity and time take the free hospital tour at Arcadia.
    Security and safety measures, technological advances, the hospital staff and educational staff, among others have outweighed the "hotel" ammenities at Huntington.

    As for OB recommendations I thoroughly enjoy ours, Dr. Cindy Chou. She's based in the Arcadia/Sierra Madre. We've gone through one before her and she fits our needs. Be sure to have a consultation with these recommedations to find a doc that fits YOUR own.

    Good luck and welcome to Pasadena!

  • If you are interested Dr. Kerri Parks and Joanna Tamayo they are both great doctors (in one office) and both can deliver at huntington Hospital. In fact I am also going there too. Kerri Parks has a website and shares with you everything about her staff and education.

    Good luck with the move and the arrival of your little one.



  •  Dr. Kerri Parks

    818.952.5322 office

     I am not sure what INS. she takes but I have been with the office for 4 years and they have been the BEST.... They work at three hospitals, huntington, Verdugo hills and Adventist. So you have more than one choice as far as the hospital goes. Good luck with everything.



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