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IVF Tips/words of encouragement?

Hi ladies, 

This is our first go with IVF and today we started all of the pre-testing labs to get the process going.

I’m feeling overwhelmed and not prepared for when we have to start injections/medications. What helped you get organized? 
Did you buy anything extra to help stay organized?
What helped you relax? 

Im excited that we have a plan yet terrified as I do not what to expect. 

Re: IVF Tips/words of encouragement?

  • ttc3yttc3y member
    I think it helps to create a chart of the meds you need to take every day and what time. I usually cross it off once the medication is administrated. 

    As for relaxation, acupuncture helped me with that plus meditation and deep breathing exercises.
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  • It seems overwhelming but the injections themselves are not difficult. Mixing can get slightly complex if you have to use same solution and mix multiple bottles for higher doses.
    Yes, first few times you are concerned about air bubbles, getting dosage right, the timing, sterile environment and many other things etc. 
    Just watch many instructional videos on YouTube. If you follow them all these are taken care of.
    It gets easier after first two days.

  • Mixing the trigger shot is most tricky. Generally you do not have extra in case of a mistake  (unless you plan for backup). Yours may be premixed but sometimes you have to mix HCG.

    Even after mixing, you want to get all of the contents into syringe and be very careful while pressing to get bubble without losing liquid.

    Rest of the shots, you typically have extras and can always mix again.

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