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C-Section Questions

I just wanted to start a thread for those who know they will be having a C section or for those who want to have questions answered just in case. 
I've had 3 C sections (2 emergency and 1 planned) and this will be my fourth and final C. 

Re: C-Section Questions

  • What types of restrictions are there with C-Sections? I have this down to ask my provider as well. Just trying to think about what help I’ll need getting to the NICU and what I should think about with my 2 & 4 year olds (I will have extra help at home).
  • You absolutely cannot pick up anything heavier than your baby for awhile. It's a big adjustment. 
    Walking is really good post C section so as far as just walking there while in the hospital it's fine. They usually don't recommend driving for a couple weeks post C because of the pain meds so you'll likely need someone to drive you. 
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  • Or babies* in your case.
  • @krysnicole1022 Thank you. I was assuming that was the case, but wanted to confirm. I’ll just have to logistically think through getting to and home from the NICU since it’s a 30-45 min drive.
  • I drove myself after a week but I don't take anything that makes me dizzy or sleepy. I basically just skip pain meds altogether. I'm not saying I recommend that. They literally don't work for me. Even morphine did nothing for me at all. I'm allergic to most of the hardcore stuff anyway so after a day or two I just pass on whatever they give me because it causes me to fall asleep no matter what I'm doing and I'm not a fan. 
  • mia80mia80 member
    After my C-section the Dr said not to carry anything heavier than 10lbs for 6 weeks. It probably took me a week before I felt comfortable getting out of bed on my own, and I slept on the recliner for the first couple nights at home. I don't remember how long it was before I could drive, but I feel like it was until I was off pain meds? 

    I would say the first three days were the worst and after a week I was feeling okay, and after 3 weeks feeling most normal. I had an emergency C-section so I'm wondering if I was a little slower recovering because I was in labour beforehand, and then by the time I was sewn back up and in a room it was 6am, so I hadn't slept in 24 hours. Or at least I'm hoping that's the case! We're scheduled for a c-section at 12pm this time around andat least this time I'll be prepared for it and wont' be sleep deprived to begin with!
  • My doctor said 10lbs at first but my last weighed over 10 lbs so then she said nothing heavier than the baby. 
    Labor before C will make the recovery harder. The scheduled C is different but it's very important that you get up and move around as much as you can. Just walking around the maternity ward etc helps speed up the recovery. 
  • What about stairs? Are there issues going up and down stairs for a bit?

    Also, do you want clothes around your belly or not? I’ve heard the hospital provides a belly binder, but in general with underwear and pants, what’s most comfortable during recovery?
  • I am in full support of belly binders. I would recommend getting your own after a couple of weeks but it's a life saver. I personally prefer nightgowns and dresses post c section but others prefer to wear high waisted workout pants. It's just a matter of what you feel comfortable in. I don't like pants in general so loose fitting dresses are where it's at for me. 
    Stairs are fine as long as you don't rush it and it's limited. I didn't live in a place with stairs with my first but we were in our house for the rest. Having a throw pillow to hold against your stomach as you slowly climb the stairs is helpful. Definitely don't push it but moving up and down the stairs a couple times a day won't hurt you. It can actually help you feel more normal faster. 
  • I will say the first steps after your first c are the hardest. They have you stand and I felt like I was going to crumple with pain. After the first day I was moving around more and more and that helped a lot.
    Going to the bathroom post first C is...well it's rough. 
  • For those of you that have had a c-section with a toddler at home, how did you keep the toddler from jumping on you and hurting you? I will obviously talk to my 3 year old but we all know they are not always the best at following instructions at that age!
  • This will be my third c section with small children at home (but fourth total) and it's honestly never been an issue. They aren't allowed to climb on me now because I'm pregnant so if they want to snuggle they know to lay by my side and curl up next to me. My husband is the jungle gym in our house. I did keep a pillow or boppy on me most of the time just because if I had to sneeze or cough or laugh pressing it against me was very helpful in keeping my incision stable. It's different for everyone. 
  • Baby is still breach, so c-section is now a 90% possibility. They are giving it 2 more weeks, but then we are scheduling the operation! 
  • @siouxieq87 that sounds like a great birthday! I wish I could get mine scheduled that far in advance. I can’t schedule mine until my appointment on 8/31 even though I’ll be having them the week of 9/8 
  • It’s still a bit early for them to determine, but baby girl is breech. I have significant anxiety and I’m not so much worried about a possible c-section as I am having a panic attack during one/freaking out. Do they give c-section mamas anything for anxiety? I’m in the US/Michigan if that makes any difference.
  • You can tell them if you start experiencing anything during the C. They will strap your arms down if you start panicking. Some just start that way. I guess some women super freak out. 
    Just remember that they should be doing everything they can to avoid a c section especially since it's your first. Turning the baby has it's risks at 37 weeks but it's best to avoid a C if you can. 
  • My CSection is scheduled for 10/17. My last C-section was an emergency with a uterine tear/repair so the pain was very bad . I highly recommend staying on top of the pain killers- I thought I could manage without and then had to literally crawl down the hall to my crying baby (and sleeping husband) because I couldn’t stand up straight. Also, I am planning on no driving g
    for at least two weeks - so i am making sure i have drives to take my daughter to and from school and all extra circular activities. Also stock up on meals and snacks- standing to cook is not an option. 
  • Mine is scheduled for 10/17 as well! I don't do any pain killers even with my emergency bladder repair (which will likely happen again) because they just don't do anything. Definitely take them if you can. Most make me vomit and you don't want that post c section. I once had second and third degree burns on my chest and I ended up just dealing because vomiting for half an hour after each pill was worse. 
    Agreed you should do any driving especially while taking pain killers. My husband takes over for about a month after each c section so I can rest and bond with the baby. It makes him appreciate me more. 🤣
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