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Monthly Randoms: August

What's going on besides this whole pregnancy thing?

Re: Monthly Randoms: August

  • Thank you for doing all of that @krthouse!!!
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  • Going to two weddings in August! Then gonna make some chill Labor Day weekend plans 
  • Thank you @krthouse

    Finally going on a low key vacation this long weekend - staying with some family in Rhode Island at the beach.  I would love to be going on a full out fancy trip, but I'm just as excited about this one!  

  • We moved into our fixer upper last week and it has been pure chaos. I noticed our septic was leaking/overflowing after just a couple of days so I had to call different companies and ended up paying almost $200 more since I wanted it pumped ASAP. They got to the house and told me that the leach field is definitely bad and most likely will need to be replaced because water was in this other pipe at the end of the leach field. To replace it, it will be about $12,000, something that was NOT in our budget at all. The contractors are also here and told me the flooring in the bathroom is bad and will need to replaced for safety reasons. I want to cry because it’s all just too much! Also, I kept waking up flat on my back last night which stressed me out even more. I had nightmares and hot flashes all night from stress and I no joke almost slept on my deck to get more fresh air. 
  • @kat_vegan87 that sounds like such a nightmare!!! House stuff is so stressful. We had to spend $12,000 on a roof this year and I'm still waiting to see how much it's going to cost to get the work done on the baby's room. 
    Also I wake up on my back at least once a night. I'm a side sleeper so it's bizarre that I even do that. 
  • @krysnicole1022- what are you doing in baby’s room? Ughh, that roof better last you! 

    It’s so weird, as soon as I get pregnant, I start sleeping on either my back or stomach. It’s usually how I figure out that I’m pregnant. What are you doing to help you not turn onto your back? 
  • I keep a wedge on the other side and it keeps me from laying flat. 
    We are enclosing our formal dining room to make a bedroom for the baby. That involves closing in a wall and adding a door. We are also redoing the flooring because the carpet is nasty and I don't want a baby crawling on it. We are going to replace all the flooring next year. We have really nasty old carpet and I hate it. 
  • August...2 older kids have a summer daycamp next sister is visiting with her family of 5(!) kids, and I'm really hoping our basement renos will be done so we can find somewhere for everyone to sleep (I just finished painting the trim today, which will be installed after we put in the flooring and the doors, then just finishing up furniture and moving the older kids down there!)...two dental appointments this month that should hopefully conclude my orthodontic treatments after nearly 4 years... we have a little camping trip at the end of August...and the window company that was supposed to install our entire houseful of new windows in July had better come through this month!! Summer is flying, and we have so much to accomplish before October!
  • I'm going to take myself to the beach. Just need to figure out which weekend I want to go.  😁
  • @krthouse ugh that is so rude of her!! I’m sorry you had to deal with that.  

    We are in NY for my FIL’s 60th. It was a loooong ride up here from NC with the kids arguing the whole way but we made it. I’m so glad I convinced DH that we should stay in a hotel though. We are so much more comfortable and get a little reprieve from his parents at night. 
    TTC History
    Me: 34 DH: 33
    Married 07/2012
    DD born 07/2014
    DD2 born 10/2018
    Baby #3 due 10/2022

    IF history:
    TTC #2 since January 2016
    June-Aug 2017: 3 IUIs w/Clomid = BFN
    Sept 2017: Dx w/Endometriosis
    Oct 2017: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN
    Nov 2017: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN
    Dec 2017: pre-IVF testing
    Jan-Feb 2018: IVF--17 eggs retrieved, 13 fertilized, 9 frozen and 1 transferred on 2/10 = BFP on 2/19!!! EDD 10/29/2018
    FET Oct 2021: BFP on 10/31! MC at 5 weeks
    FET Feb 2022: BFP on 2/15! EDD 10/29/22

  • bows22bows22 member
    PSA if anyone else is taking Colace, there are 2 kinds and only 1 is pregnancy approved. CVS only had 1 in stock so I didn’t even look at the label and after taking it half a dozen times I  noticed that it said it had a laxative in it also 😳. They must have just been out of the regular kind. My OB’s office said it can just cause uterine contractions so as long as I stop taking it now I should be in the clear, but what the heck. Why do things have to be so complicated. I want to just be prescribed everything haha. 
  • @krthouse that woman sounds like she’s just unpleasant and unhappy by default. Ugh. 
    @bows22 brb off to check my trusty bottle of Colace. 
  • rcgwrcgw member
    Oh gosh - you can totally request your OBGYN prescribe something like colace! I have been taking every day for months because of the excessive nausea meds and the lovely side effects. I told my Dr at the start to just send in a prescription for it so I wouldn't have to stand checking labels and I could get it at the drive thru. It costs me like 59¢ with insurance (and I don't have phenomenal insurance or anything, it's just not expensive when it's prescribed and you're pregnant.) 

    All that to say - ask your doctor! They'll maybe look at you funny but they can totally do it!
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