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Abnormal ultrasound

Hi there. I’ve been back and forth to the midwives office and the outpatient lab checking hcg levels every 48 hours due to some spotting that I’ve been experiencing. According to my first day of last period, I’m supposed to be 7 weeks. I know I ovulated later that usual. ultrasounds show I’m 1 week behind what I thought. At the last ultrasound that showed 6 weeks, they were able to see a gestation sac and a yolk sac, but no fetal pole. Anyone else experience no fetal pole? My midwives office wants me to come in to have another ultrasound done only 3 days after the last one. I’m not sure what they are expecting to see in just 3 days.

Re: Abnormal ultrasound

  • Hi knottie. If you plan on joining us, please change your username so that it is easier to tag/get to know you, and introduce yourself in the introduction thread. We discourage one-off posts like this, as it clogs up the board. This would be a great question to ask in the Great Big Question Thread. 

    To answer your question, it is possible that you are not as far along as you think, in which case the fetal pole could show up in a few more days. Another possibility is that it is an abnormal pregnancy. Unfortunately only time can tell. Wishing you luck. 
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