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Turning baby-external cephalic version

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Hi! Has anyone does this procedure before or known anyone who has if baby hasn’t turned by 36 weeks?

Re: Turning baby-external cephalic version

  • I know multiple people who’ve had them, and most were successful. (Unsuccessful just means the baby refused to turn, not that anything went wrong.)
  • I'm curious if anyone had theirs flip back after the procedure? 
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  • My second baby wasn’t head down at 36 weeks but turned himself between 36-37 and was head down at the ultrasound at week 37. 
  • I had one at 37 weeks with my 1rst.  He was so jammed in my tiny pelvis bone that the Dr's worked for like 2 or 3 hours and only got him to turn in a circle to sunny side up (on a friday morning.)  So we set a c section date for 39 weeks.  But the procedure gave me a small fluid leak over the weekend I didn't notice until Monday. So when they did follow-up appt Monday morning they had to send me straight to the hospital for delivery at 37 weeks plus a few days.  Baby was fine.  And c sections really aren't the end of the world if it's the only way baby can come healthy.  He didn't even have to go to NICU.  Just needed a respiratory therapist to keep an eye on him for about an hour.
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