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3rd Trimester

34 Weeks, Can't Sleep at All, Completely run down

This has become quit annoying. No matter what my activity levels are, no matter what is going on, I can not sleep when I go to bed at night. My new sleep cycle is 6am to 9am everyday. Those are the magic hours and they're all I get. I've tried napping during the day and I can't fall asleep no matter how how exhausted I am. just 6am to 9am. I feel so run down all the time and to top it off I have gestational diabetes and fluid around my heart. I simply can't get anything done during the day that want to because of walking up and down my stairs. I cry all the time because of the way my house looks as I am wheezing and blacking out on the floor. I don't know what to do anymore. I tried talking to my doctor but she just sent me to another doctor who sent me someone else and so on and so forth and all of these different medical people just tell me nothing is wrong and drink water. Been drinking the water - the magic water - and it has yet to solve any of my problems of feeling like complete and total hell.

(And my husband keeps telling people it's his first baby and he can't wait to have more. I want to coke him out. I don't ever want to be pregnant ever again. Anyone else have that going on?)  

Re: 34 Weeks, Can't Sleep at All, Completely run down

  • What are you doing to wind down at night ? I’ve found listening to hyponobirthing meditations to be really helpful to fall asleep to. I’ll also do a little self care before bed and just try to prep the space to be conducive to good sleep.
  • Ahh yes, the magical water that apparently cures all during pregnancy. It’s such bs and such unhelpful advice. I’m feeling the same and from my experience so far (im 37 weeks with my first) as long as the baby is fine how I feel in no way matters. I feel like an incubator and no longer a person. My aches and pains, mental health and sleep deprivation do not matter as long as the baby is fine. All I do is drink water and cry while waiting for it to end. If counselling is an option for you I do recommend that, I see someone that specializes in pregnancy and that has been helpful to have someone to talk to, my husband also isn’t great to talk to because he just happy he’s going to have a baby and doesn’t get how hard it is. It’s a rough time but you are definitely not alone!
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  • I have terrible insomnia too!  My magic hours are 11pm-2am and then 5am-7am (that window could be longer but 7 is when I have to get up for work) Saturday - Wednesday.  Sometimes Thursday/Friday I’ll sleep a solid 6 hrs for some reason.  Also struggling with worsening restless legs despite taking every vitamin associated with RLS plus external magnesium lotion.  I could fall asleep any time of the day and sleep for hours, but I have to work (I work from home) so I can’t sleep much during the day, and I try to keep napping to a minimum anyhow (20-30mins) only on days when I truly feel like I otherwise won’t make it through the day, since I feel like napping only contributes to the disrupted sleep at night.  I’m 38 and pre-pregnancy was used to a solid 7-9 hours pretty much every night, uninterrupted, no bathroom trips.  I can see the wrinkles on my face growing from just exhaustion.  Pre-pregnancy, magnesium supplements worked really well for me when I occasionally went through a phase where a hard time sleeping, usually due to work stress.  Maybe magnesium could be helpful for you?
  • @knottie26c9153d3bacf03e we are "merely a host to a loving living parasite." A midwife once told me. So true. They will take anything they need from us. 
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