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May 2022 Moms

Hey all

Hope everyone is doing well emotionally and soaking up all the snuggles they can!
Board seems pretty non existent but I still wanted to send well wishes to everyone! 

Me = 28
DH = 29
Multiple loss mama
Rylie: Born 04.2014
Haley: Born 07.2017
Emily: Born 08.2019

Re: Hey all

  • @Asheebeth Hi! We are doing very well over here! Riley is such a great baby. He’s sleeping through the night pretty consistently now and loves to babble all the time. I was going to post an update thread for anyone still here and kept forgetting. 

    @ anyone here and on the Facebook group- can you see if anyone wants to come update us on TB? And what name did @MrsLaLaBug finally choose?!?!? It’s been a cliffhanger for me for almost three months now!
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