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Sore from baby kicks?

I've had this moderate pain in my lower right belly since this morning. It ebbs and flows and feels a lot like a sore gas bubble or a stitch but it hasn't gone away all day. I thought it may have gotten better earlier after I passed gas a few times but now it's very sore again.

Coincidentally my baby has been kicking me a ton in that same area in the last few days - is it possible for repeated baby kicks in the same spot to make you very sore? It hurts when I take a deep breath and when I move certain ways or press on it, but it hasn't gotten worse throughout the day so I'm fairly confident it's not appendix related.

Re: Sore from baby kicks?

  • Ugh I know that “is it gas” struggle lol. I get sore from my girl too though - I think she sits on nerves sometimes and it causes pretty noticeable pain/tenderness, also often on my lower right. Always worth a check with your dr though to make sure it’s not a UTI or anything like that!
  • Yes, I had that with my last baby. Super tender spot where I was getting kicked over and over. But definitely mention it to your doctor. Mine wanted to do a quick ultrasound to just check out what was going on just in case. 
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