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Pets during pregnancy

Has anyone else’s pet acted out during the whole pregnancy?
I have a little shih tzu chihuahua mix that has been acting out and having accidents since the beginning of my pregnancy. I read that dogs can sense pregnancy from as early as 4 weeks which is crazy. I am now 25 weeks and she finally started coming and laying on my tummy which I take as a sign of her finally accepting the new member to the family.

Re: Pets during pregnancy

  • Our dog has randomly started using the bathroom in the house after just coming in from outside. She has never done this before. 
  • I have a shih tzu too! He has been really clingy to me recently. Wonder if it’s his way of reacting if he can sense my pregnancy.
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  • Our Aussie has been pooping in the house every once in awhile over the last month or two. He's about a year and a half old, and hasn't had accidents since we first brought him home as a puppy. It's usually in the morning so we thought maybe we just didn't take him out in time, but it's happened post-going outside. Most recently last night after we played outside for an hour. 

    He's also started to get very cuddly with both my husband and myself, which he wasn't really into before. 

    I'm thinking it could be a mixture of age/he's sensing changes. 
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