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Weight gain

Hey mamas! I’m 24 weeks today and almost 3 weeks past morning sickness. I lost 10 lbs from pre pregnancy and never gained it back.. has anyone else had this problem? Is it going to be okay that I still haven’t gained any weight? Does anyone have any tips to gain weight? -First time mom

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  • siouxieq87siouxieq87 member
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    Were you a “normal” BMI pre-pregnancy? What does your doctor say? Maybe just bring it up at your next appointment. I started at a healthy weight, put on 12lbs by 20 weeks, but since then have been steadily losing, so now I’m only up 7-8lbs total at 26 weeks. I have read that lack of weight gain in the 2nd/3rd trimester is a risk factor for IUGR, so I’m going to bring it up at my next appointment. In the meantime I’m trying to eat lots of nutrient/calorie dense foods like avocado, nut butters, and whole milk yogurt.
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  • krthousekrthouse member
    I lost about 12 lbs through first trimester and the first half of 2nd trimester. I've only just gained a couple of those lbs back in the last few weeks (I'll be 28 weeks on Wednesday... or Tuesday depending if you ask the US tech or my midwife 😅). I have a higher BMI and my midwife told me that often when mamas have a higher BMI they don't gain much or sometimes don't gain at all, and it's quite common to lose in first trimester from morning sickness/food aversions, no alcohol and more conscious choices around food. A good rule of thumb is if your care provider knows and isn't concerned then you don't need to be concerned. The only really big thing to flag at this point is if you have very sudden significant weight gain, as that can be a flag I think for maybe pre-eclampsia.
  • Has anyone stopped gaining weight but isn’t losing weight? I was gaining about a half pound to a pound a week and i have gained nothing in the last two weeks . 
  • I wish. 😭 My scale told me I was overweight borderline obese the other day and I was like "let me show you the dumpster."
  • @krysnicole1022 That was very rude of your scale, your two need to have a serious talk lol.

    @relizabethp I posted my weight chart above (sorry I’m a data junkie lol) and as you can see my weight plateaued for a while (or fluctuated up and down daily within 1.5 lbs which is not true weight gain/loss) but I’m definitely starting to see a clear downtrend. Like I said I’ll bring it up with my provider, if they’re not worried I won’t be. I just know this is my 5th baby and I’ve never lost weight while pregnant, even with my last who was only 5lbs 5oz at 36 weeks (18th percentile).
  • @siouxieq87Yes I’m 5’4 and was 152lbs but just made it back up to 145lbs. My midwife hasn’t said anything negative about it other than encouragement to keep gaining. I’ve been doing a lot of Greek yogurt and fruits which seems to be helping and another favorite is toast with cream cheese and avocado
  • I’m on the other side… I’ve gained 30lbs already at 28 weeks! I think I gained about 40 in my previous pregnancies so I guess this is normal for me… started at normal bmi, although about 5 lbs over my normal weight. I usually exercise a lot more and keep an eye on calories, but through this pregnancy have just been trying to eat and move ‘mindfully’ and I guess this is what my body wants! My provider said it’s ok as long as I keep moving. Just feeling huge though… the weight has come off before; hopefully it will this time too! 
  • @serenejellybean I think I'm about to hit 30 lbs here soon at 26.5 weeks. I started out 10 pounds heavier. I've gained steadily every week. I workout every day and am mindful of what I eat. I gain 40+ lbs every pregnancy. I have to get it off after or my hips will dislocate from the extra weight. There is really not much I can do about the weight gain. 
  • @krysnicole1022 Dislocated hip sounds like no fun at all!!! 
    Yeah I am trying to just accept it is what it is and the weight will come off, but definitely hard to watch the scale go up and to know I am not fitting in to the ‘recommended guidelines’; feels like I’m doing something wrong 
  • @serenejellybean based on my pre pregnancy weight (which was 10 lbs heavier than normal) and MFM said I should gain around 40 lbs. Challenge accepted 
  • reirei84reirei84 member
    Anyones doctor concerned about too much weight gain? At 28w3d today I’ve gained 32 pounds and my doctor told me I need to eat healthier. I had gestational diabetes last pregnancy but not this time around. She told me to try eating like I did last time to get my weight gain under control. Just not what you want to hear :( 
  • KGETS86KGETS86 member
    @reirei84 the only time my doctor has said something about weight gain, was when it was happening too much in a short period of time, and partnered with high BP, and that was more concern about preeclampsia than weight alone. 
    We did have a very serious conversation about weight gain at my first appointment because of my history of gestational hypertension, my starting weight being over 15lbs more than my 3rd pregnancy, and my age. But it was more in a level-set/set expectations kind of way. 
  • @reirei84- yes! My dr. Kept telling me not to eat sweets and to eat healthy. At my last appt I told her that I’ve given up on watching my weight because no matter what I did (exercise/count calories/eat only healthy food) I was still gaining about 7 pounds a month! Anyways, I told her I’d given up and I was just eating whatever I wanted because clearly my body wanted more and she told me I only gained 2 pounds last month! She actually seemed kind of annoyed 😂 

    My previous dr. That I had with DS told me that she gained 50 pounds in each of her pregnancies no matter what she did and told me not to worry too much.
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