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Hello moms!

I do not believe there’s a post for this so I figured I would start one!

Does anyone else have experience with this condition? I had it with my first pregnancy and I am wondering what the odds are of a reoccurrence.

Long story short, I was extremely itchy with my first around 32 weeks. After googling like the nut that I am — I read that it could possibly be a condition called “chloestasis”. I called my OBGYN office and they had me tested (blood work). It came back negative. 

However, weeks went by and I was still SUPER ITCHY. At around 37 weeks, I was tested again after advocating I was still itchy to my doctor. I tested positive and was immediately induced. MOTHERS INTUITION!

anywho — wondering the possibility of it happening again! Currently 27 weeks ..

Re: Chloestasis

  • mia80mia80 member
    Hey! I had Cholestasis with my son!! Similar story, I was super itchy, especially the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet (like to the point I wanted to scratch my skin off for relief!!!) I googled it and mentioned it to my husband, who said I was crazy! Mentioned it to my MFM a couple days later at a regular appointment and was immediately put on meds, sent for bloodwork and scheduled to be induced at 37 weeks!

    My OB said the chance of reoccurrence is 60-90% (I think), and there's really nothing you can do about it. We're just going to monitor for symptoms and I'm preparing for a csection at 37 weeks, but hoping we make it to 39! (other risk factors as well, so I won't go past 39 weeks for those, and they're recommending csection if I don't go into labour naturally) 
  • I don’t have any experience with this, but I do have a question. At what point do you start to worry about itchiness? Every once in a while I get a little itchy in my palms or wrists, but it goes away pretty fast. I always hear for cholestasis that it’s extreme itchiness. 
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  • mia80mia80 member
    For myself I found that I was itchier than I ever had been in my life!  Like I literally told my husband I just wanted to scratch my skin off to get some relief. The other thing was that nothing gave relief. Putting lotion on or taking Benadryl had no effect.
  • jn18010jn18010 member
    Agreed! I had never been so itchy in my life — it kept me up at night and that’s when I felt it the most. 

    I am hoping I’m part of the percentage that doesn’t get it again! I’m curious though — can we have it without being itchy? That’s really the only symptom I had.

    I’m a ftm and my doctor is concerned that I have this. She did a liver blood test but I still havnt gotten results yet. What are things that help this condition or help relive it? I’ve heard for most people the itching doesn’t go away but I don’t want not enough nutrients going to the baby. Is there like a diet or foods that’s recommended when you have this condition? I do believe I have it because i get itchy with no rashes or irritation; especially on the palms of my feet. Also two family members have had the same thing during their pregnancy’s. 

  • mia80mia80 member
    @bunnybb13 if it is cholestasis there's really nothing you can do, and they would likely induce you at 37 weeks. I had it with my son and went on meds which helped control the itching (I think it was called uridasol, or something like that). But it's a build up of bile acid, so things like lotion, and Benadryl won't help. And as far as I'm aware there aren't any foods that help either.

  • I was not put on any medications but I did find some relief in hydrocortisone but it was minimal. Sorry!
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