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October 2022 Moms

Product spotlight: Nursing bras & clothes

This week’s product spotlight will be: Nursing bras, clothes, accessories
  • Favorite nursing bras?
  • Favorite nursing tanks or tops?
  • Anything other accessories that are helpful?

Re: Product spotlight: Nursing bras & clothes

  • krthousekrthouse member
    I love the nursing bras by Bravado. For my shape I find them to be the most comfortable while still supportive. With DS I just had one by them, one from Thyme maternity, and three from a pack off Amazon. It was always my favourite and I wore it most often so this time I decided to just splurge on a few more by them and skip the Amazon ones.

    Nursing clothes don't have to be official nursing clothes, and many official nursing clothes are marked up unnecessarily. Buttons/zips and flowyness or loose fits are helpful, but a lot of it also just depends on your comfort level. At first with DS I was very self-conscious and wanted to be fully hidden, but later in our nursing journey couldn't care less. I do want to invest in more loose-fitting sweaters this time as seasonally I'll need that in the early days.
  • KGETS86KGETS86 member
    For a budget friendly nursing bra, that is comfortable, provides support, and doesn’t have removal pads (I HATE removal pads), I suggest Auden, which can be found at Target. I’ve also liked the Kindred Bravely for a more plunge effect, while still providing good shape/support. I typically end up nursing for at least 2 years, so I don’t mind the investment in some good comfortable nursing bras. 

    For nursing clothes, I hate layers, and don’t like having my stomach out, so I’ve looked more at maternity/nursing clothes so I get more bang for my buck. I like Latched Mama, because some of their items can be used post-nursing journey, and are flattering to a lot of body types. Amazon also has some great options for nursing clothing. 
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  • I've heard good things about bodily nursing bras. I'll nurse for probably 13 months if it works out so I'll be living in nursing bras for over a year. 
  • reirei09reirei09 member
    @KGETS86 totally agree about the Auden nursing bras! I stopped breastfeeding my oldest in October of last year but I never really stopped wearing my bras! Definitely need a new one. 

    I only bought one nursing shirt, which was just a black long sleeve from Amazon. I found for the most part, I'd just be braless with a tank top at home, so I never had a problem. I do plan on getting a cover this go around because I'm sure I'll be more on the go with a toddler. 
  • I’ve gotten good deals on nursing tops, sweaters, and cardigan/wraps and cozy, stretchy pants at Old Navy (online) and Kohl’s (in store) maternity sections. The clearance sections still have some colder-weather stuff for now, so jump on it before they start putting out fall in like August! (Probably an exaggeration, but not by much…🙄) I’ll probably shop for warm weather tops and dresses after Christmas.

    Curious what larger-busted ladies that prefer underwires do for nursing/pumping bras when you go back to work? I got a pack of no-underwire nursing bras for my maternity leave, but they are not actually that supportive. They’ll be great for when I’m just around the house early on, but I wouldn’t want to wear them with my dress clothes. Recommendations for nursing bras with structure?
  • KGETS86KGETS86 member
    @nerdymom22 Some women claim that an underwire is fine as long as it fits properly, but how many women actually wear a bra that fits properly? Haha
    I don’t know what you consider larger busted (I’m a 34DD/DDD currently), but I like the Kindred Bravely Signature Sublime Contour Nursing bra. No underwire, but nice shape, and slightly lower cut to wear with different necklines. I also like their plunge bra, but that might not offer enough support depending on your size. I used to only wear underwire bras, but since having my 1st 6 years ago, I can’t even imagine wearing one again, so I don’t know what I’ll do once this last baby weans.
  • krthousekrthouse member
    I had mastitis and several blocked ducts on my nursing journey with DS so I just steer clear of tight or wired bras to reduce aggravating that, especially because your cup size can change so drastically between feeds.
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